Rossini DAC versus Rossini Player : is SQ exactly the same in DAC only mode ?

Hi all,

I’m currently enjoying music through a Bartók + Rossini clock. If all goes well, in a few weeks, I should have the budget for a Rossini DAC or a Rossini Player. I’m looking for the best SQ possible (at this level of the dCS product range) and I’m wondering if the addition of a CD mechanism inside a Rossini chassis — even if it’s a bigger one — implied any compromising regarding the sound quality or if it’s a “pure bonus”. I can live with a pure DAC — like the Bartók — but, if there’s absolutely no loss in sound quality, I’d consider the capacity to play CDs as a welcome convenience.

Thank you very much.


Yes, the Rossini Player sounds the same as the DAC only when being used as a DAC.