Rossini DAC - Chinese language display issues

I am new owner of Rossini DAC and it seems the display not able to display Chinese characters ( traditional or simplified Chinese characters). I ask not sure dCS plan to fix this issue soon. Also, the Mosaic is very primitive app if compare to others like Auralic or Aurender others. The display on the DAC is too small to read (impossible to read ) from normal distance. I would suggest to have a 4 “ display to show the cover art or song detail / DAC status on future

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Welcome @DerekWongHK. I dont know of dcs plans to configure in chinese although it seem reasonable. Possibly @James could comment. I also think a visual screen showing the album cover would be nice however from an aesthetic stand point id opt for one that fits in the current display. I do find large screens eye catching i believe imho that after a short time i would rarely look at it. B

I didnt realise it until you mentioned it, but i guess it didnt bother me at all.

Turn off the screen during listening. Quieter background?

Oh well I use Roon or Mosaic… that display doesn’t bother me.

Less is more. Everyone use smartphones these days. Leave the album artworks and display for Mosaic to deal with is the way to go? Mosaic app is hardly primitive but could be improved surely

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You can do what you prefer or like too. I suggest you change your power supply for an even quite background. I do not think a black square box is my personal taste.

As a user for such a price tag device there is language display issue since 7 years from first generation Rossini is a big question mark. As display size I believe user buying this product not a teenager with good eyes. a larger OLED display for information is good to have, at least a decent size display. Cover art is personal taste it is good to have it on in living room while listening to a good music with good mood and atmosphere. You can turn off is you think no good.