Rossini clock with a vivaldi dac

Hello , I am relatively new to dCS and own a bartok with a Rossini clock.
I am happy with the performance which has been further improved by non stacking the bartok
On the clock and using a better power cable to the clock .
My downstream components are pretty revealing ( CH Precision A1.5 power amp and
Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers ) and I have the opportunity to acquire a non apex vivaldi dac and I am curious to know whether the rossini clock works well with it ? Does anyone have this combination ?
Secondly would I be able to run my Melco N1A into the vivaldi usb for hard drive music controlled by Mosiac ? I don’t really use streaming services but have a lot of music on the Melco server .
Thank you

You can use your Melco through USB with the Vivaldi DAC, but cannot control it through Mosaic, as that requires having the Upsampler in the chain. Mosaic asks for a network connection, and that is located only in the Upsampler.

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I have been running a very similar set up recently, i had a rossini player and clock, non apex.
I tried a vivaldi dac, apex’ed with my rossini clock and melco N10.
As said you can no longer use mosaic, that also means updating the vivaldi going forward isn’t so easy.
So you would connect the melco using USB and then use the melco app to control streaming and your stored music on the melco.
This works ok but i would rather be using the mosaic app, maybe because i am more used to it, but it does work differently to the melco one as you would expect.
Now the clock has been more of a strange one, i certain don’t think it has made as much a difference as it did on my rossini and this is why i was happy to trade it in. I tried it on and off may times and yes it does sound slightly different with it, as said i didn’t find it as great a difference now and thats also why i have chosen to get the upsampler over the vivaldi clock as this will bring a much bigger upgrade especially to my stored 16 bit cd quality rips stored on the melco, plus it will upsampler all my streaming from qobuz to the same level.
Also it allows my to once again use mosaic and keep any updates etc easy to do and control it all from my tablet etc.

So if i was you i would trade in the bartock for the vivaldi as that will be a big step forward and then slso sell the rossini clock and put that towards the apex upgrade as that will also be a much bigger upgrade than adding the rossini clock, then just use your melco to stream etc.

Cheers dunc

Just to add the melco app only works once you connect it to a dac using USB, also the app is IOS only no android

The Melco app is a reskinned mConnect and the mConnect authors (Converse Digital) do a version of mConnect for Android … that might be an alternative if you are on android.

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Will see if it works and report back

Tried it and i couldn’t get it find the melco at all