Rossini clock - shunyata alpha v2 vs Sigma v1?

Looking for feedback on improvements is sound quality from anyone who has tested the shunyata Alpha v2 75 ohm 1m (latest version) vs an older Sigma v1 75 ohm 1m (1 higher in the product stack) pair of BNC clock cables between a Rossini Apex Player and Rossini Clock?

I have the offer of a used pair of Sigmas at approximately the same price as a new pair of Alpha’s.

That’s a tough one. I wish I could tell you I’ve compared the Alpha 2 versus the Sigma v1. I use the Sigma V2 75-ohm cables and recently updgraded all my other interconnects, speaker cables and power cords to the Sigmav2s from Sigma v1. Over the years, I’ve found Shunyata to be one of those companies that is competitive with itself. Fairly often, new lower tier products end up outperforming upper tier older ones. They admit that they’re shooting for a big leap forward when they introduce a new technology. The v2 noise reduction is significant. So, I would not be surprised if the Alpha 2’s outperformed the Sigma v1 75-ohm. Wish I had direct comparison experience to share with you.