Rossini Clock output 3

I’m currently using the output 1 & 2 of Rossini Clock connected to my Rossini Player. Recently I’ve just ordered a Trinnov ST-2 and have been wondering if I can use the Rossini Clock’s output 3 to provide worldclock syn to the Trinnov’s AD/DA (which requires 48kHz). From the Rossini Clock’s menu it mentions about the default output of output 3 is 44.1kHz but it is allowed to change to 48kHz by first connecting the RS232 to a Win PC and then using a program eg. TeraTerm.
Anyone has experience in doing that?
Thank you!

I have actually, it’s pretty straight forward. A couple of things to keep in mind though;

  • The correct RS232 port is the one labeled “IN”, which is the furthest from the AC power port (rather than the “Loop” port which is the one shown in the manual as connecting to a Rossini Player/DAC).

  • Once your PC is connected to the RS232 port at 115200 bps, Power reset the unit via it’s rocker power-switch at the back of the unit, being sure to hold down the Dither 1 button as you switch it on - this puts the RS232 port into text mode (as opposed to binary) and you’ll see your PC terminal showing the unit’s firmware version and “text mode”

  • You can type help to see a list of commands available

  • To change the port 3 frequency the command is FREQ3 = 48 (must include the spaces) and thats it, there’s no acknowledgement response, but it’ll take immediate effect

  • The RS232 port will remain in text mode, even across putting the unit to sleep, as long as you don’t hard-power reset the unit.

Good luck! :wink:

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Thank you so much, Anup, for your step-by-step explanation in such details!

Eager to test if the Rossini clock is better than the internal clock of the Trinnov.
Just ordered a USB-to-RS232 cable. Still need to find a BNC-to-SPDIF one for the Trinnov.

You’re welcome! (I actually use that same port 3 to clock my dCS 974, so I’m quite familiar with playing around with it :slightly_smiling_face:)

By the way, doesn’t the Trinnov ST2 Pro also use a BNC for their Word Clock input (at least it looks like it in pictures)?

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Mine is Trinnov ST2 Hifi, not the Pro one, so it does not come with a BNC port for external clock. Just confirm with people from Trinnov that the external clock signal can be input via AES or SPDIF port, which can be assigned in the main menu. Not sure the sound quality will be different using the Rossini’s clock but worth a try!

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