Rossini APEX upgrade

Yes I understand the impact of Apex will depend on the system resolution and synergy.

One way to get, effectively, a very large library but use a minimal path to playback in Mosaic is to serve the library over UPnP with MinimServer (and other solutions, but this one is robust). My perception is it sounds slightly better than Roon over RAAT.

I am having a difficult time contemplating whether to upgrade my Rossini Player to Apex. My first Player had a CD drawer that wouldn’t close, would turn on itself when shut off, and eject CD’s at random. The second player will turn on itself when shut off, and eject CD’s at random. My dealer states it’s the DCS “ghost”, DCS claims it doesn’t happen and that my dealer and myself are just plain nuts! Have to admit, I may be looking at an Esoteric K-01xd or a Luxman D-10x as a replacement…the DCS unit is a lot of money to pay for such a “quirky” machine.

I have a Rossini Player that I did upgrade to APEX.

I don’t ever turn it off, so I can’t speak to that, but I’ve never had the disc tray unexpectedly eject.

The drawer on your first not closing sounds like a physical defect, but the other symptoms, especially as they’ve occurred with two Rossini Players, sounds more like a remote code collision with some other device than anything else.

For example, if I hit different sequences of buttons on my DISH Network remote, it will either:

  1. Dim the display on my Ayre preamp
  2. Power on my Audio Research phono stage

Not weirdness, just the fact that most companies purchase their remote control technology from a handful of suppliers and code collisions can and do occur, especially given how many different remotes are in just one system.


Just my two cents here, given respectfully as a long time (and stubborn) disk spinner: digitize the collection, ditch the player, get the DAC. No moving parts. Longevity. Simplicity. You will never look back.

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We’ve removed all the remotes from the room but still it would persist, possibly coming from a neighbors house of sorts, we’re not sure. The dealer’s units DO turn on all by themselves from time to time but he has never had the “eject” issue that I get quite regularly. He laughs at suggesting perhaps it’s my wife sneaking in the room, hitting the button then getting out quick before being discovered…just to mess with me!

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