Rossini Apex Player vs DAC when only streaming


I have been wanting a dCS Rossini Apex DAC, but have been offered a player for very similar money. I still have CD’s somewhere in the loft, but never take them for a spin. I’m pretty much 100% streaming from a NAS or Qobuz subscription. Obviously, the player has extra components in the box (that I would pretty much never use), do both the DAC and the player both perform the same for streaming? or does just a standalone DAC slightly outperform the player?

Eventually the cd player will need repair…much earlier than any other part of the Rossini. So, even though it is tempting, I would resist and stay with the non-cd Rossini.

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Hi and welcome to the community .

I am afraid I am not quite sure what your position is, so for clarification is the choice an Rossini Apex DAC v. Rossini non-Apex Player?

As you seem not to use CD and only rely on Qobuz and NAS the decision is straightforward. Apex is a large upgrade and as price does not come into the question buy the Apex model.

The Player does indeed have extra components but these seem to be of no use to you. Of course were you to climb into your loft you could revive the CDs otherwise by ripping them to the NAS for the Apex model or playing them on the Player . But that is not your current situation.

The Player and the DAC are basically identical aside from the CD facility. Therefore you could buy the Player and if you found a need have it upgraded to Apex. However this is not a cheap move.

So, briefly, Qobuz and NAS only - buy the Apex DAC.

thanks for your feedback. To clarify, this is a choice between Rossini Apex Player, or Rossini Apex DAC. Both approximatly the same price, but I dont really need the CD player. So is the sound quality exactly the same for the streaming elements of both Player and DAC?

Both Apex, both the same price? That is crazy unless you are not telling us something. For example, are they both used?

If both are Apex then both will sound exactly he same as they are identical aside from the CD transport. From where I sit it looks like you are getting a free CD transport! Chris is right that it may go wrong before other components as CD players include elements that naturally degrade over time such as the OPU. However if you will never use it they will never degrade! If everything is equal then the transport could be useful if a friend visits with the occasional CD :grinning:.


yes both are used, and very little between them in terms of £. Glad to hear the streaming sound quality is the same. Thanks for the guidance everyone

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