Roon unable to detect DSD downloads

A couple of days ago I bought a DSD 128 download. from Native DSD and imported it to my Melco N1 via USB stick. Mosaic finds the folder (although not the artwork) but Roon doesn’t find or display the folder at all . This may be a query for the Roon users forum but as a Vivaldi Apex user, I thought I would ask here first.

Have you rescanned minimserver via Melco after installing the new track ?

Hi Pete,

It looks like Minimserver has already found the files … his issue as far as I can see is that Roon hasn’t.

Hi Murray,

I think it sounds like you need to kick off a rescan in Roon…



Thanks Phil. it was just an idea that in the case of purchased downloads the cover artwork may be a different .pdf file to the music data itself and I surmised that this might (might) allow the part discovery found by Murray. As I am innocent of any Roon knowledge ( and/or too dumb), then if Roon needs rescanning to solve the issue this sounds feasible.

Hi Pete,

It’s quite likely that the DSD files simply don’t have cover art embedded in them which would explain why Minimserver isn’t able to provide any cover art for Mosaic to display.



Thanks for the replies, especially over the weekend. I have tried the rescan to no avail. Roon sees all my Qobuz downloads which are in a different Qobuz subfolder. I have left the Melco to create the file structure by automatically downloading direct to it from Qobuz and by adding the DSD album using the front panel USB port. As I say, Mosaic finds the files but Roon does not.

I haven’t tried moving the DSD files into the same Qobuz subfolder as everything else. I might give that a try and see what happens.

Roon reads all subfolders within a watched folder. So as long as you are adding music to your watched-by-Roon folder, it doesn’t matter if it’s added as a subfolder. Roon can still find it.

Roon > Settings > Storage > Folders. Roon is watching for new files in real time, as long as it recognises a playable music file.

Did you unzip your downloaded DSD into this subfolder?


Murray where are you situated? What you are indicating about direct downloading is only available to Melco customers from certain Japanese sites ( e.g e-Onkyo which has been purchased by Qobuz.). Possibly unzipping is then handled automatically but I don’t know being a subscriber to Qobuz UK. Qobuz only offers PCM files AFAIK but, again, the Japanese situation may differ.

Hi Murray,

This might be one that at this stage is better also being raised in the Roon forums …



Thanks again for all the suggestions. You may have gathered that I am relatively new to Mosaic and Roon.

So, I rescanned the Melco drive again and now Mosaic finds the cover art. I have checked the Roon watched files and I can see that both my Qobuz download folder and the “import” folder (which the Melco created itself when I imported the DSD file via the front panel USB connection) are being watched. In fact I can see the missing album listed there! It still does not appear in the Roon “My Library>.Albums” screen though.

There was no need to unzip the files because using the Native DSD downloader means each track is downloaded sequentially in unzipped .dsf format.

I am located in the UK. The Melco I have can be configured to monitor my Qobuz account and any new purchases are automatically detected and downloaded, although it can take a while for the Melco to recognise new purchases. The Melco has my Qobuz account details and I don’t have to intervene in any way, the files just appear some time after being purchased. I also use the Qobuz downloader to keep a backup copy on my computer and separate (non-Melco) NAS drive.

I hope that makes sense! I think Phil is right this is one for the Roon forum, I will let you know how I get on in case it is of use to anyone else!

Can you find these tracks in Roon under My Library > Tracks?

Yes, thanks they are there!

Having investigated some more, I think this comes down to my relative unfamiliarity with Roon. Using the Focus tool and selecting the Melco I can now see this DSD album and all the other folders including artwork.
Thanks all for your responses. A few lessons learned! This digital game is a little more complicated than putting on an LP or CD!

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