Roon or Audirvāna or Other

I’m sure this has been discussed previously but would be good to hear what people think sounds best Roon, Audirvāna, Sense, transport, or something else? I went from Innuos Statement to Roon Nucleus & not sure that was a huge downgrade. I do think Sense sounded better than Roon though. Currently trying Audirvāna again from Mac & think that’s now pretty close to the Nucleus.

you skipped an Innuos Statement for Roon? That was not an downgrade, that was an big mistake…I run an Innuos Statement Next Gen and Roon Nucleus. So if you go for upnp streaming use Mosaic and Innuos in upnp modus.

Not really. I got fed up of Innuos constantly adding upgrades for thousands each time with very small upgrades in SQ. & still they couldn’t match my analogue setup so that’s what I use for the best sound. The drop in SQ from the statement to the Nucleus maybe 5-10%. This was much bigger before when I had DAVE & m scaler.

Frankly, I didn’t hear any digital setup that matched my full stack LP12… but I had to sell everything for space reason.

@Bill_Evans and @T38.45, you have both confused me.

Richard - I didn’t know that Innuos needed to match your catalogue and taking that together with your comments on upgrades I wonder if you meant to write Roon and not Innuos in your first sentence?

T38.45. Are you saying that due to space restrictions and that you cannot find a satisfactory digital setup that you now have no audio system at all?:

All good Pete :wink:
Sorry, english is not my first language…
It was my vinyl collection that took too much space (when starting collecting vinyl one doesn’t think about that…and if you crossed the 1000 vinyl records you’re in trouble :wink: ) So I had to sell LP12, pre-amp, albums, cleaning machine etc.

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Your English is great. :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I also now have far too large a vinyl collection ( 2.5K) and a large silver disc one as well. Frankley it is now all a bit too much. You have my sympathies. these days nearly all of my listening is from files on my NAS, Qobuz or radio.

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I don’t think so but appreciate it’s confusing as I’m talking about 2 different things. Platforms & Hardware.