Room correction component

Hi all - have any of you tried a McIntosh MEN220 in your system between your preamp and amps? I have the Rossini into my preamp and am wondering the effect of adding a room correction component in the chain that will add an analog to digital to analog sequence. There may be some room correction but am concerned about these incremental conversions south of the main DAC.

Several years ago when I had basically an all McIntosh set-up I had a MEN220 when the first came out. It worked pretty good.

I moved on for different reasons. One discussion point for a few of us who owned the unit related to its 96 limitation on the rest of our digital set-up. Never came up with definitive answer.

Having recently completed a lounge renovation we were keen to hear how a Trinnov ST2 might address any inconsistencies in the new layout.

It certainly changed the sound in dramatic fashion but not in a way that either of us liked. I’d long been curious about what a Trinnov could do and am happy to have scratched that particular itch.

Archie, likewise, I have a Trinnov ST2 Pro that I bought for my Home-Office (which is a very constrained listening room :laughing:).

I tried out the ST2 in my main system, purely in the digital domain between my Vivaldi Transport and Vivaldi Upsampler (so there was no additional D-A/A-D conversion). While it did some things well, like you, I found that overall there were more negatives than positives (albeit, the Trinnov platform is very flexible and has many fine tuneable parameters that could likely fix some, if not all, of the the negatives).

Ultimately though, I would say active room correction platforms are best used where the audio space is severely constrained. Otherwise, don’t touch the source signal.

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