Right dCS product for my rest of the system


I am contemplating going for Rossini DAC sometime soon may be in a year or so.

My rest of the systems are - Sonus Fabre Cremona M, McIntosh MC 275 - 2 Monoblocks, McIntosh C2300 pre amp, Naim Uniti Core as Music Server.

I am wondering whether Rossini would be at higher side for my rest of the system and bring in some in balance.

I had an audition of Bartok in my home. I did not find it that big a step up from my existing PS Audio Direct Stream Sr. However, when I heard Rossini in dealer’s place (with somehow equivalent rest of the setup) I found it to be a serious step up from my current PS Audio DAC.

But, as it is a huge jump from cost perspective too I want to be sure that Rossini would not be an overkill for rest of the system.

Any thoughts/feedback is highly appreciated.


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I would hope your dealer would offer you the option to audition the product in your home set-up. Every product I own except for my speakers was A/B in my own set-up. The Rossini is a nice product.

The potential difficulty that I see is the Naim Uniti Core server.

You may wish to look at the FAQs on this forum to find out more but the dCS network devices require MinimServer as the UPnP server software to work properly. I have looked at the specification for the Naim device and am unable to verify what they have installed or whether or not an alternative may be substituted. Perhaps the Naim forum could provide and answer.

Otherwise, Rossini, why not? You have a nice system and the best front end is always recommendable in any case. You cannot replace what information has been lost later in the chain of reproduction.

Hi Par,

thanks for ur inputs.

Uniti Core behaves as upnp server too. I right now can connect it to my PS Audio bridge using MConnect. Also I use its file server with Roon. That way I can use Roon to feed to dCS by getting the files from the Uniti Core.Uniti Core also gives a damn good spdif outputwith bnc. That also I can connect to a dCS gear.


Yes I am aware of this . However I referred you to the FAQs for a reason. In particular I hoped you would see this one:

Which is why I remarked that I do not know what UPnP server software Naim use or if it can be substituted. Not using MinimServer can produce odd results in Mosaic. Of course using Roon instead sidesteps this issue although some features are only available with Mosaic.

Uniticore S/Pdif output? The best sound quality from Rossini means serving your files to it via ethernet and UPnP. Using Rossini as just a DAC with the Naim processing the files to provide an S/Pdif output ( presumably using the Naim app for control?) does not strike me as the best way to use a Rossini.

Hi Par @PAR

On using Uniti Core’s spdif input - u r absolutely right. Yes , if I am spending a $25k+ on Rossini, I better use its capabilities than using Core to first do conversion to spdif. However, just as a stray comment, right now I find Core’s spdif output going to my PS Audio Direct Stream Senior to be extremely musical. Probably that’s the reason that option came to my mind.

On support for Minim Server, thanks for pointing me to that.

What I can probably still do is rto un Minim Server in my mac mini (I run Roon Core there) and point it to the same file shares those point to music files in Core’s. I think I tried this out in past and it worked as such. But do not remember whether Minim can use the meta data of Core. Need to try this out again.

On using Roon ur comment on ‘some features are only available with Mosaic’ is little confusing. I understood that one can go back and forth from Mosaic to Roon interface. So which all featured I would be missing ?

Thanks again for all these inputs.


I am not Roon user so best for me not to venture into areas where I have little knowledge.

I thought that you may have been indicating that you would be using Roon instead of Mosaic rather than in addition. Mosaic, of course provides access to Deezer and Spotify ( subject to subscription) as well as the most fantastic selection of internet radio stations none of which I think you can get with Roon but as I say, I don’t have much knowledge of Roon.

Since Roon v1.7, there’s a reasonably good Internet Radio section.

No Deezer or Spotify though.