Returning to a long playlist

Apologies if this is discussed somewhere else but I couldn’t find it.

If I am playing from my Melco, for instance the Joni Mitchell Archives set using Mosaic, the first set of which is 124 tracks. I hit ‘play all’. The issue is I usually don’t get through the entire list (!) but I want to return in my next session to the place I got to and play all the tracks from that point onwards. How do I do that? If I hit ‘play all’ I have to skip to where I got to. If I click on the that track it only plays that track - I can’t see a ‘play from here’ option. Am I missing something? This is a frequent issue. Maybe I’m being a numpty?
Also - one for dCS … could we possibly have an indication in the playlist/album list itself of the track currently playing in the way that Sonos or Spotify do? The only thing you can see is the current track at the bottom of the screen but this means scrolling through to find where you are. A visual prompt would be helpful.

Look at the home page of Mosaic and queue the album ( just press the chevron next to “Play All”

At the very bottom there are 4 icons. The second (triangle and lines) opens another view. This is the play queue. The chosen icon turns blue.

Click on the right hand two horizontal lines next to the track where you want to play from. You can see a dialogue box open asking you to play from here or delete.

A similar method should work with a playlist.


Thanks Pete - I will use that.

Just to return to your final question:

That already exists. You need to open the play queue view as above. This time the track playing is shown with a blue vertical line to the left of it. You can tell from my screenshot earlier that I was not actually playing the album as there is no blue line.So, briefly, the home view is for navigating your resources, the play queue shows what is going on with the selected one. Just play around with it to find out what it does.

Yes! Spotted that. Thanks Pete. I weirdly had never accessed the play queue before - generally I put an album or track on and listen to it. Job done! But when there are a 100 plus tracks that’s a challenge!