Remote Control?

Last week I placed an order for a Rossini + clock to upgrade from the Bartok. This hurt a bit since Bartok is one of my favorite composers. As part of the purchase I was willing to buy one of the remote controls but determined it can’t be used to select a specific source.

My current setup only uses Ethernet and optical an ideal world I’d press a button to select optical vs the current process of cycling through the various inputs. Is this possible?

It’s not as bad as you suspect. The button to cycle through inputs only allows you to select active inputs (and “Network” is always active, so selectable). If there’s a signal on the optical port (but nothing else) then the cycle button more or less will function as a toggle, between network and optical.

And if you do anything on the network input (start a track in Roon or Mosaic) the unit will switch to the network input anyway, regardless of what input is selected. Bartok acts the same as Rossini, by the way.

Interesting… I have a previous generation dcs remote and I thought that was how it worked. Sometimes it goes to a different input even though nothing else is connected. If no sound is sent over the optical connection is it still considered active? That would explain why sometimes it works but not always.


Yeah, that depends. If there’s no “carrier” on the optical port (i.e. nothing being sent) then it’s considered inactive and therefore no sound (but it’ll be skipped by the input select button) but if your source is sending “0” data (silence) then it’s considered active and you WILL be able to select it.

It’s strange because apparently there are hex codes for selecting each input but they aren’t programmed into the remote.

They are but are selected sequentially ( if there is a connection to the port) rather than at random.