Release Notes: Vivaldi DAC 2.11 / Vivaldi Upsampler 2.10 [MQA Release]

dCS Vivaldi MQA Release

Vivaldi DAC 2.11
Vivaldi Upsampler 2.10

October 16, 2018

dCS is pleased to announce updated firmware for the Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler. This release brings to a close our ongoing project to include MQA support in all of our current products. Properly implementing MQA in the Vivaldi separates was an extremely complex undertaking and presented a number of challenges. Although this release is delayed from our original announcement, we feel that the end result is well worth the wait.

Update notes (IMPORTANT!!)

This update changes the way in which the dCS Vivaldi DAC communicates status information back to the Upsampler. This change will greatly improve the behavior of the system when the DAC and Upsampler are coordinating activities. As the new communication mechanism is incompatible with the prior mechanism the coordination process will fail if the Upsampler and DAC are not updated together. This will result in unstable behavior during sample rate changes, improper function of the volume control in the dCS app and Roon, as well as apparent failure of DAC settings changes made in the dCS app.

It is critical that you WAIT to update the Vivaldi Upsampler until you are able to update the Vivaldi DAC at the same time.

Please contact your dCS dealer or distributor to get a copy of the Vivaldi DAC update before you update the Vivaldi Upsampler over the internet.

Release Notes

We have issued release notes pertaining to this update in two separate documents. Please read these documents before starting the update process as they both contain useful information.

Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler Release Notes: dCS Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler Release Notes (2.11_2.10).pdf (313.9 KB)

dCS Network firmware [398] release notes: dCS Network Firmware Release Notes (398).pdf (759.5 KB)