Release Notes: dCS Network Firmware [398]

dCS Network Firmware Release Notes

Network Firmware Version: 398

dCS products run multiple software components in order to process network streams, apply DSP, and convert them to analog. These notes are specific to the network firmware which is common to all of our network-enabled products. This software is responsible for network streaming via UPnP, Roon, Tidal, Spotify, and Airplay; Playback of locally-attached USB flash drives; App control; and MQA decoding.

The dCS Digital Processing Platform (including digital to analogue conversion, digital signal processing, input selection, device control, front panel display, front panel buttons, and remote control functions) is part of the FPGA firmware which is unique to each device. This software is released separately along with its own release notes.

Unless otherwise noted the features, enhancements, bug fixes, and known issues in this document apply to all dCS products on which this software is loaded. For more information please contact your dCS dealer or distributor. You are also invited to contact dCS directly using the contact details found on our website:

These notes apply to the following software versions:

Network Firmware: 398
Vivaldi App: 1.4.9
Rossini App: 1.4.8
Network Bridge App: 1.4.8
Please note that there are no updates to the apps with this network firmware release.

1. New Features and Enhancements

  • Added initial support for Bartók DAC and Bartók Headphone DAC
  • Added support for Rossini SACD Transport control (feature will be activated with pending release of Rossini FPGA firmware)
  • Added support for future enhancements to Rossini DAC and Player
  • Updated Roon Ready software to version 1.1.31
  • Updated Roon so dCS devices properly advertise MQA support (Usage notes 4.1).
  • Roon signal path now shows the MQA processing taking place within the dCS device (Usage notes 4.1)
  • Vivaldi Upsampler now shows in Roon as ‘dCS Vivaldi System’ when paired with a Vivaldi DAC (Usage notes 4.1)
  • Updated MQA decoder library
  • Updated Spotify Connect library
  • Added a factory reset option to enable reset of the network card (usage notes 4.2)
  • Added the ability to override DNS servers while using DHCP (usage notes 4.3)

2. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed track metadata error on front panel display for Roon
  • Corrected several issues which would lead to playback failure in Roon when transitioning between formats and sample rates (PCM/DSD/MQA)
  • MQA streams from Roon where the Roon core is acting as the MQA decoder are now recognized correctly. Full fix pending FPGA update for Rossini and Vivaldi One (see known issues below).
  • Improved playback synchronization when dCS devices are grouped with other Roon endpoints.
  • Improved source selection logic between Roon and other streaming sources
  • Corrected error where devices would advertise 32 bit support in Roon
  • Corrected error where Roon playback start would fail due to device timeout
  • Corrected error where Roon pipeline would not be set to the ‘Stopped’ state when stream closed
  • Improved error handling related to the Roon module crashing
  • Fixed incorrect device name being sent to DHCP server
  • Various patches, minor fixes, and housekeeping

3. Known Issues

  • dCS app does not remember position in long lists when browsing back to list
  • dCS app does not always reconnect to device automatically on resume
  • MQA content does not playback gaplessly via UPnP or native Tidal
  • Some flac files played back via UPnP or local USB experience a delayed start
  • Some MQA files (especially MQA CD rips) are not recognized as MQA when played via UPnP or locally-attached USB storage
  • Various Airplay issues: Distortion on some tracks, erratic behavior with YouTube, etc
  • (Rossini) A momentary audio dropout is experienced at the start of some MQA tracks. This will be corrected in an upcoming FPGA update.
  • (Vivaldi Upsampler) When the Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler are paired without a Vivaldi Master Clock (i.e. using Vivaldi’s Universal Master Mode) and Roon is used for playback then a resync delay must be set in Roon in order to avoid track start cutoff and playback stability issues. The recommended base setting is 6000ms and this can be adjusted up or down depending on user’s preference.

More information is available in the full release notes document which includes usage notes and documentation of new features: dCS Network Firmware Release Notes (398).pdf (759.5 KB)