Release Notes: dCS Mosaic 1.0

dCS Mosaic is a carefully assembled collection of hardware and software modules which, when combined, provide a listener easy and intuitive access to a vast catalogue of digital music. Whether it’s high resolution files on the listener’s own server or an internet radio station broadcast from a distant land, dCS Mosaic removes all of the associated technical complexity and ensures that the music one loves is only a few convenient taps away.

Version 1.0 of dCS Mosaic represents the re-engineering of the dCS streaming audio functionality and is designed to run on all current dCS network-enabled products. Key points related to availability are as follows:

  • Mosaic 1.0 will be available to all customers on 9th May 2019 at 9:00am GMT
  • Mosaic 1.0 will be delivered as a new control app (available for iOS or Android) along with a device firmware update
  • Mosaic 1.0 will be provided at no cost to owners of current dCS products
  • Customers will need to download a new app (dCS Mosaic Control) from either the App Store or Google Play
  • Customers will need to perform a network update of their dCS product.

Full details regarding dCS Mosaic and the new dCS Mosaic Control app are available in the attached release notes.

Mosaic 1.0 Release Notes.pdf (143.7 KB)

Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section is available on this site in the #mosaic_faq section.