Really Good Sound

How do you get really good sound? How/where do you get the best source for your dCS?

Some vinyl sounds better… read here

I prefer digital streaming from Qobuz. I have ripped a few CDs to the Roon Nucleus. I’ve also tried Tidal, Apple, and Amazon in all versions from free to high resolution.

Do digital versions of the same album on Qobuz sound different?

For example Qobuz offers 5 versions of Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard. Do you hear a difference between Alice in Wonderland [Take2] Ermitage Records (the one with 6 tracks) version and the Fantasy Records (the one with 11 tracks) version? The Wonderland Jazz Muzik Recordings (it also has 6 tracks) version of Alice in Wonderland sounds duller to me.

My Bartok is set as follows:

Upsampling: DSDx2

Filter: F3

DSD Filter: F5

Analogue Conversion: Mapper 1

Output: 2V