R.I.P Tim de Paravicini

I was sad to learn today of the death of Tim de Paravicini, one of the audio industry’s outstanding engineers and designers.

I know that I am not alone in the dCS community in using components designed by him for his company EAR Yoshino. However others may well be using his designs unknowingly as he undertook consultancy work for many other brands. Furthermore many of us will have benefited from his designs in the professional audio world through hearing the recordings recorded or mastered using his equipment.

His was a unique talent that will not easily be replaced.

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Thanks for posting Pete. I did not know.

Stereophile had an interview with him back in 2007:

“Think about a thing carefully, and try and do it correctly,” he says. “Don’t think ‘How can I save, cheapen it, cut corners, to bodge something to sell.’ If you think with a salesman’s hat on, you will never make a good product.”


As i posted on another site, i once went to the old Kimbolton factory as the pre i was using (864) was humming, turned out this was due to a faulty transformer. Tim replaced it and serviced the pre but wouldn’t take payment as he was embarrassed about the failure. A man that stood by his products. RiP Tim.

Erno, thank you so much for posting that link. It actually contains a further link to another interview with TdP from 1990 which, I think, emphasises what a special mind we have lost:


Stereophile just came with another article on Tim, with a interesting set of linked resources: