R.I.P Max Townshend

I just saw this:


Sad to see the passing of another of the audio industry’s truly original thinkers. I know that several of the members here use his Allegri Reference passive pre-amp.

A fascinating (and friendly) guy to spend time with. I wonder if this may be the end of the brand as although ably assisted by his wife Sue Townshend Audio seemed to be pretty much a one man company ?

That’s awful news. What a talented, lovely chap he was. I still have fond memories of talking old French cars, short shorts on our school uniforms, and a bit of audio.

Thanks for passing this on, Pete, and thanks for the best preamp I’ve ever heard, Max :heart:

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Here is a link to the first proper obituary that i could find. It is written by Dan Meinwald , Max’ USA distributor. Dan has the misfortune of losing the irreplaceable forces behind two of his brands, Townshend and earlier Tim de Paravicini. Still on an up note Dan does say that the brand will continue.