Questions on my new system

Just got my Vivaldi stack (Clock, Upsampler & DAC) last week and have a few questions. I was hoping that when I got things figured out I could set up the system with my preferred upsample and filter and the system would remember it going forward. For instance each time I play a 44.1/24 track it would upsample to 88.2 and use filter 3 say. The same for 48, 96 176.4, 192, DSD 64 & 128 (probably with different settings for each.) But it appears that the upsampler simply uses the last setting regardless of what is playing. So yesterday I listened to a DSD file and then this morning a 44.1 file and the upsampler kept the setting at DSD (I don’t remember which filter.) So I had to go in and manually change it to what I wanted and start the track over. So seems like a lot of manual intervention for so sophisticated a product. I hope I’m missing something and can get the system to handle things automatically.


The DAC remembers the choice you have made for the filter for any given input rate. So if you change the input rate then the filter may alter to that selected the last time that you fed the DAC with that input rate. If you don’t change the input rate then the filter type will be retained unless reset by you.

So if you play a 16/44.1 rack with filter 5 then the next 16/44.1 track played will be given filter 5 even if it happens days later. If you play a DSD 64 track with filter 3 then the next DSD 64 track will be allocated filter 3 too, etc. However the next 16/44.1 track will be allocated filter 5 ( in this example).

If your DAC is not remembering the filter setting for the same input rate then you have a fault.


OK that makes sense and I after playing around some more I think that is working for filters. What I want to happen is with the upsampler. So if I play a 44.1/16 track it will upsample to 88.2 automatically (or whatever I set it to last time a 44.1/16 played.) But it looks like it is just using the last upsample setting regardless of input rate.

There’s no sound quality reason not to upsample to the maximum native rate for every given lower input bit rate. So, that’s why it only remembers the maximum output rate selected.

As such, the Upsampler is best left to “DXD On”, so all lower PCM rates get upsampled to their maximum native PCM rate (and DSD set for Pass-through).


OK thanks. I’ll give it a try.

I totally agree. For something so sophisticated the “preferences” are minimal
I want everything to be upsampled at 192 unless the source is higher
Play the higher source at higher rate and then when the source is 192 or less - drop to my preferred 192
I reckon that should be easily doable - but it isn’t

Also my huge gripe is that the remote does not go downwards in selecting rate, so scrolling upwards is VERY hit or miss

Not a happy bunny

[quote=“bruno, post:6, topic:4567”]
Also my huge gripe is that the remote does not go downwards in selecting rate, so scrolling upwards is VERY hit or miss
I assume that you refer to the universal IR remote. Try using system control in Mosaic. There is no scrolling ,you just select the rate you want.
BTW, upsampling EVERYTHING to 192 is not good practice. 192 is an integer of 48 kS/s and should only be selected with source material using that fundamental frequency ( 48 or 96 KS/s). Otherwise you should be multiplying rates based around 44.1 kS/s where the maximum upsample rate is 176.4 kS/s). Using an incorrect multiple can degrade, not improve, the subjective experience

Overall please listen to what you are doing and decide what seems best to you and do not be misled just because the number is bigger.

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The specific rate preferred is irrelevant. The principle of the DCS remote is the issue
I do not see why we cannot have PREFERENCES

ie if input is 44.1 go to 176.4, where 48 go to 196 AS A SELECTED DEFAULT
When next track is 44.1 from say 48 before - go to preferred rate
Seems easy to me