Question about volume control on BARTOK

I have a Bartok which I run direct into my crossover/amps without a preamp. So I use the volume control of either the Bartok or of the Roon app. I see that when I change the volume using the dial in Mosaic or directly with the Bartok’s physical dial the volume level showing in Roon dials up or down equivalently, and vice versa in Mosaic if I make the change via the Roon control. I have not yet done a close comparison of SQ using the DCS dial against the Roon control. Should there be any difference?



If you’ve got Roon volume set to ‘device’ whenever you change the volume in Roon it’s changing the volume on the Bartok if you’re using ethernet… Well that’s what happens for me.

Simple check is to turn the display on and change the volume in the roon app and you should see the volume change on the Bartok.

Hope this works for you.

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Yes thanks Ralph. That does work. I am keeping the volume fixed from now on and will use the Mosaic volume control. It seems to work better to me.

Hi Hasan,

The volume control in Roon just controls the Bartok’s volume control in the same way the Mosaic app or the IR remote or the front panel volume control would so if you see the volume control changing on the front of the Bartok wen you adjust the volume in Roon then you’re all good…



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Thanks for letting me know Phil. So does that mean that whether I make the change in Roon or in Mosaic, the operations to make the change occur in the same place? Is that “place” the Nucleus or the Bartok, or does it not matter?

No difference at all. Roon is talking to the Bartok and telling it to change the volume, it is not using DSP to change the volume itself.

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Hi Hasan,

When you are using a dCS streamer under Roon and you make a volume adjustment then you are doing so within the dCS streamer … just like if you were changing the volume using the front panel control. Roon sends the commands for volume to the dCS streamer.

For other devices that don’t have a volume control then they can be “fixed” output and then the device doesn’t show a volume control or Roon can be set up to do a digital volume control at the Roon end using its DSP processing (which you don’t want).

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Thanks again Phil and thanks also Miguel.