Quadraspire QPlus supports


I need some advice, please!

I have bought a Quadraspire SVT (5 natural bamboo shelves, one 180mm support and four 140mm), assembled it and moved all my kit onto it yesterday evening!

I’m now enjoying a much improved sound separation and wider sound stage!

Would there be any benefit in getting additional QPlus supports to use under my kit on the SVT?

If so, which product(s), QPlus Evo, QPlus Advanced or QPlus Reference, would you recommend?


I would ask your dealer if you can borrow a set of QPlus supports to try before buying. Quadraspire do a sort of boxed-set of the various supports so you can try out different options. You really have to do this because supports are notoriously subjective.

For instance, I had great success with Isoacoustics GAIA supports for speakers - very impressive. I liked them so much I tried their Orea supports for components - I tried them under a Bartok and a pre-amp. Didn’t like the effect at all - flattened and squashed the sound. But some people seem to like them.

I’ve also tried some Stillpoints, again a lot of people seem to like these. I found they simply made the sound too bright and edgy.

For me a point in favour of the QPlus supports is that they are designed to fit under the existing component feet. I personally feel uncomfortable placing support footers directly under a component by-passing the existing feet. The problem is you’re doing something the designer(s) of the equipment weren’t expecting - the result is going to be unpredictable. And I would guess, largely a matter of taste rather than an improvement per say.

I have a Quadraspire rack and the QPlus Reference supports under a Rossini APEX (that replaced the Bartok) and the pre-amp. They enhance the sense of alive-ness, without tipping over the edge like Stillpoints. They are very expensive though (the bronze does look gorgeous), only you can decide if they are cost-effective.

poco-a-poco, thank you.
I will do as you suggest soon!
In the meantime, I’m enjoying an improved sound with the Quadraspire SVT,