Qobuz Studio Sublime Price Reduction

I guess all of us with a Sublime account have been emailed by Qobuz as to a price reduction and the offer to discount this prorata to any remaining time of your existing account. This will be available from 30th September.

Please do NOT try to simply purchase a new subscription via the normal Qobuz home page. If you do this the computer at Qobuz will simply treat this as a request for a completely new account and you will get the new price but not have the discount applied nor will your existing account be terminated.

In previous years where reductions have been applied the email advising this has contained a special link to the discount process. They have not done this on this occasion.

I have checked with Qobuz and after 30th you need to go to Qobuz via your browser, open your account and you should find a new link that , if selected, will take you to a shopping cart with the new price and your discount displayed. You can then complete the transaction.