Qobuz similar tracks autoplay

Hello! Please add Qobuz autoplay similar tracks function, they released it in last update! Thanks

The Mosaic/Qobuz interface depends upon the API ( Application Programming Interface) provided by Qobuz. Qobuz may have added the feature to their own players but that does not mean that has been made available to dCS. After all there already appear to be many existing Qobuz features that are not provided in the API.

Hmm…How Roon implements this feature ?

Unfortunately I cannot add anything about how Roon does things as I am not familiar with it.

In Roon this function is called Roon Radio. If you have a Qobuz acount, and have added it to Roon, Roon will autoplay similar tracks from Qobuz, after your own playlist has ended.

Roon also will select the highest audio quality tracks, if there are multiple options: