Qobuz Purchases Issues

I don’t know how many of us buy rather than just stream albums from Qobuz. I do this from time to time but have recently run into problems with incomplete downloads. In the cases where this has occurred part or all of the tagging is missing. This leads to further issues when trying to rescan the UPnP server software.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I am trying to find out if it is a common issue or just me. The following conditions need to be met:

  1. It relates only to November 2023.
  2. It involves use of the new Qobuz download handling software.
  3. It relates to albums released this month. Back catalogue items are fine.

Thanks if you do post but please identify the Qobuz national service subscribed to. BTW, otherwise these same albums stream perfectly ( complete with tagging). Only purchased downloads are affected.

Incidentally Qobuz’ reaction has been very positive, I am just trying to gauge the extent.

I recently purchased albums from Qobuz and found problems using their new download app. I gave up and I believe I downloaded from the website. The problem was that the download app would not work at all.

I recall seeing comments that it’s basically a beta app and may not be fully stable yet. That was around a month ago. I figured they need time to resolve bugs.


I purchased many albums on Qobuz and hit some tech issues only a couple of times (incomplete tracks even after re-download whereas the same track when streamed was complete).

I contacted the support and they always found a solution rather quickly.
I remember the problem was once coming from the record company who uploaded their disks on Qobuz.
That caused a delay of a few days before I could get the complete track. Qobuz then offered me another record and eventually sent me a procedure to redownload the record I purchased once it was reuploaded on their side.

Hope this can help,


Qobuz does not tinker with the files itself, error messages are passed on to the supplier from whom a corrected version can still be expected. Bought hundreds of albums from Qobuz which in some cases had an error. With a renewed download within a reasonable period of time this always appeared to have been resolved.

It’s great that once purchased (to date;-) it’s always possible to redownloaded without hassle!

Thanks to you all who responded. I think that @andrewt reflects an experience broadly similar to mine so I no longer feel. all alone :slightly_smiling_face:. However beta versions are normally offered as an alternative or at invitation. This is now the only path offered for downloads. However Qobuz are great at sorting things out so I hope that a satisfactory conclusion may be found although I may need to wait.