Qobuz launches in six new countries

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand.
Discover the artists shaking up Northern Europe and Oceania. Always in unrivaled sound quality.

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Yassssssssssss (selfishly) to New Zealand! Time to get my dad a subscription.

He’s on Tidal for now, but there’s a slight tendency for the things I find over here in the US not to be there for him when I share tips.

Well that will happen with Qobuz as they negotiate individually with the rights owners in each territory that they service. That means that although there are many commonalities there is also repertoire that is not available everywhere and repertoire that is unique to an individual country. I understand that Qobuz have already built a part of their catalogue containing music of mainly local interest and which is available only in NZ or Australia respectively.

Still worthwhile subscribing though - it’s the best IMO :smiley:

Yep, it’s a good point. That’s not actually what I meant, though — more that the types of tunes I want to share with him tend to be on Qobuz rather than Tidal. Genres and all that. Not to a huge degree, but enough that we’ve noticed.