Qobuz – 15 Years Of Passion & Musical Discovery


Other streaming options are available of course, but Qobuz is the best of the bunch in my experience. I’ve been a user for the last 8 or 9 years. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s transformed my (music listening) life.


Still no Qobuz in Canada

I did not know, sorry to hear that.

Maybe it gets added to the list sooner than late:


Gotta admit, I love Qobuz.

French hifi is underrated :wink:

Too bad as it looks like the best service out there. Bureaucracy and market size may be the issue, but who knows for sure. A little research suggests that Qobuz is NOT the kind of service that tolerates VPN workarounds. So a dead end for now.

I did the same research, hoping to be of help to you, but unfortunately found the same. You are not alone in your search for Qobuz in Canada:

Thanks for the link Ermos, that was very kind of you!

I can see why some many like Qobuz, the combo of a first rate streaming platform that plugs into Roon and digital downloads store is very attractive.


Exactly. Hope it gets to Canada soon!