Purcell for a “Super Sonos” dining room

Very low end for this community I know, but my system plans have changed and now I’m putting the Meridian DSP3200’s in the dining room/listening room (currently directly driven by a Sonos Port into what’s called an AC12 which converts coax SPDIF to the Meridian Speakerlink SPDIF cables).

Sonos is mandatory in that room for spousal acceptance as all music in the house is through Sonos except my home office desktop system.

Sonos is, as I understand it, currently hardware limited to 48khz but it struck me that a relatively cost effective way to take this system up a notch or three might be as follows:
Sonos Port with fixed coax SPDIF, into
MiniDSP Studio Dirac processor, which will also provide volume control, into
dCS Purcell Upsampler outputting 96/24, connected to either a Puccini clock or a Mutec MC3+, if the latter then also adding an OXCO 10MHz master.
Into AC12 to DSP3200 (analog volume set to a level where digital volume runs at high end at my typical listening levels, which are fairly quiet.

Potentially, second output of the MiniDSP set up to drive two subwoofers (potentially BK Double Gems with the DSP 3200’s sitting on too to make a poor man’s WATT/Puppy). A lower end DAC driving the subs (eg, used Chord Qutest).

This all of course relies on the Dirac processing working the sort of magic that is claimed for it. I would most likely get an experienced professional calibrator in to do that element (as I can get the theatre done at the same time).

Grateful for any thoughts on pitfalls or on the correct ordering of the various digital steps. Or whether the whole thing is a waste of time because the Meridian FIFO will override it all anyway (I’ve no idea if that is the case or of the relative quality of the Meridian jitter reduction)