Programming Logitech remote for dCS DAC

I have a Pagannini DAC and Master Clock. I recently purchased a used Logitech Harmony One remote (as I read it can be programmed to control the DAC). I only need the remote to control the DAC’s volume.

Per dCS the remote codes for the Pagannini DAC are:

Volume +

Volume -

Does anyone know (or have experience) in how I can program the two dCS codes into the Logitech remote? (No response from Logitech).

Many thanks,

I have this working. Search for DCS or Rossini with the harmony setup program. Than use that as the volume. I am out this week but if you need more info I can reply later this week.

Hi Mark,
Many thanks for the reply.

I bought the Harmony One used, so I don’t have the owners manual or set up cd … just the remote itself.

Is there anyway to access the needed information with only the remote?

No rush on your response, I just appreciate your helpfulness.


If you did not do so yet, install the Harmony Windows PC program/app. Search for HARMONY PC APP. I don’t have the Harmony One but I assume it’s the same programming method. Then you will connect the harmony to your pc with a usb cable. Then the program walks through the setup. The Harmony One is an older model so make sure to download and install the correct pc program.

Hi Mark,
I can’t seem to locate an app online re: “Logitech Harmony PC App” or something close … is there something I might be doing wrong?