Problem with Qobuz Mosaic 1.4.2

The new Mosaic version is causing me issues especially playing classical music.

Previous versions use the option of additional information correctly. Select an album , select “Track Information” and a small window appeared giving composer/artist etc. details. All I see now is the album front cover which is displayed anyway.

The other issue relates to albums of multiple works by multiple composers. Composer is an essential identifier of classical works as otherwise they just have “technical” names which do not fully identify the work as they are not unique. For example track name “Adagio” . From what? by who? I raised this issue some years ago and the solution of dCS was to concatenated the work/composer name and track title. This seems to have been discontinued.

Comments? I’ll tag you @Phil

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Hi Pete,

Not being a Classical listener - or really a UPnP user - or not actually being at home to take a look myself to take a look and see at this moment :slight_smile: - then I can’t really comment on that specifically but I will raise your issue to the software guys … I’m surprised if they have changed that though as I’m not aware of any of the change log information showing any work being done in that area…

Let me see what they come back with…



Thanks Phil, Sunday evening too. And why weren’t you watching Strictly results? :grinning

It’s not to do with UPnP as I am in charge of metadata there. Me not being clear; this is Qobuz streaming.

Hi Pete,

Sorry Pete, I’m not sure where I picked up UPnP from - must have been the anticipation of the arrival of my steak and ale pie!

I’ll chase it through with the guys in the morning… :slight_smile: