Problem with Mosaic

I use as music server Rhein Z1 - Silent Angel, where I downloaded all my music files. All right if I use Roon as, it normally reads all files in all Aiff format types, flac Dsf etc., if instead I want to use Mosaic as a reader I can only read files encoded in FLAC, all the other files it does not see. Anyone have experience with this problem?

Pino, in order for Mosaic to show you your local files and provide the full functionality you’d expect from it, You’ll need to run a UPnP Server like MinimServer on your Rhein and point it to your local audio files. Alternative UPnP Servers that also work ok include Asset.

By the way, looking at the Silent Angel’s website, it isn’t clear that the Rhein has any UPnP server installed by default, so I’m curious how Mosaic is even seeing your FLAC files :thinking:


A version ( of minimserverer is installed on Rehin, for this you see the files on the mosaic, but I don’t understand why only the flac. cis are transcoding functions but they seem to have no effect.

Pino, this isn’t really an answer to your problem it just shows some background. See this thread from MinimServer forum:

It looks as if Rhein install or give a route to install an OEM version of version 0.8. This version is old and has been superseded by v.2 . The latter is an inexpensive pay version and provides a number of enhancements. However nevertheless v.0.8 should show more than FLAC files even if it is no longer supported ( I do not know whether the latter is the situation or not).

To me this looks like a Rhein or MinimServer issue rather than Mosaic. If I were you I would post your query on the MinimServer forum with a view to installing v.2.You may also want to email Rhein given the contents of the above thread on the MinimServer forum.

Hi Pino,

Mosaic (the iOS and Android app) doesn’t scan files or find anything apart from finding UPnP servers and giving a list of the available UPnP servers to pick from … once a UPnP server is selected then everything you see is generated on the fly by the UPnP server that you selected, Mosaic just displays the information that it is passed from the UPnP server itself.

Roon does not use a UPnP server to access music files. Roon access music folders and files directly and so therefore uses quite a different way of working.

Are your other format files copied into the same folders as your FLACs?

Is your UPnP server set to index the same folders that Roon is?

FWIW, I use running on mac and see all file types without any special minimserver config.

If I had to guess, I would expect that the minimserver config is filtering anything that is not FLAC out.

Could be. I used v.8 without problems . However the sub version numbers are not familiar to me and I wonder if the OEM version offered for Silent Angel via the manufacturer has been stripped in some way? One thing that is clear from the product information is that it only specifies support for DSD and DSD via DoP.That seems unusual.

Further files from a USB storage medium seem to be needed to be transferred to the Silent Angel hard disc using the Vitos music importer if I am reading the website correctly. Maybe that is where the error is. Confusing. Well I am confused anyway :crazy_face:

Overall I am left thinking that it should be used wuth Roon and/or Vitos not Mosaic.


One way to check is to install MinimServer on a regular computer. The default configuration should work fine for all file types.

Beware that is legacy and unsupported at this point. The new versions are paid. I still have the old version which I downloaded eons ago.