Preamp and DAC to run with dCS Network Bridge

I have a dCS Network Bridge with a Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR and Cyrus PSXR2.

I’m looking to replace the Cyrus units.
Any recommendations, please?

Do you have a budget in mind? More info on your system/room/music tastes would help folk suggest kit to audition.

Off the cuff suggestion - Replace the lot with a used Bartok unless you need analogue inputs.

I’ve just traded my 8 box Cyrus office system which had the same Pre with PSU, I felt the onboard DAC was the weak spot.

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I agree with the @GusGus.

I like the idea of a Bartok but having seen the price on the bay, it’s outside my budget. Currently home demoing a Naim NSC 222. It’s detailed but thin at the same time. I’m getting some XLR cables so that I’ll be able to connect my REL S/510 sub. That should help!

Prices have jumped, I paid a good deal less than those eBay ones three years ago for a used Bartok, there seem to be quite a few around assume traded for the Rossini Apex, be worth chatting to a couple dealers reckon they would move on their advertised prices.

I demo’d the Naim 200 stuff a couple months ago when I was collecting my Rossini and had arranged to hear a D’Agostino integrated, the Naim was sitting in the room too so had a listen, I was impressed with the 250 power amp so next week I’m going back to hear the 300 stuff, mainly interested in the 350 mono’s direct from the Rossini XLRs.

The 222 isn’t up to the Bartok, I’d definitely try and get a deal on a non Apex, non Headphone Bartok, think my dealer still has mine, feel free to message me if you want details.


There are thousands of possibilities…I had a NB with a Vivaldi Dac, excellent. I replaced the NB with the Vivaldi Upsampler…My son uses the NB with a Naim dac, excellent too.

Meitner dac, Acqua accoustic dac etc… there are many excellent dacs…

Chris, correct there are many manufacturers. However Trebor seems to have a limited budget as he says the excellent suggestion of Angus - sell what he has and buy a used Bartok- is beyond it. Unfortunately he has not revealed how much he has. It is not possible to make any useful suggestion otherwise.We also do not have any idea of his environment such as room size, his favoured type of music ot other relevant factors such as limitations on audio equipment placement available. We do not know where he is so as to have an idea whether any brand is likely to be available to him.

Finding a viable match regarding both cost and performance in his case is not easy. Lacking the required information means I cannot go any further.