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I have a 3 piece Vivaldi stack on order (not the transport) and it should arrive mid September. I’d like to protect if from power surges, lightening, and outages. I am in a new house that is properly wired for audio so I am not expecting I need better power, this is mostly for piece of mind that the equipment has some storm protection. I had a PS Audio power regenerator and just sold it because it had an annoying mechanical hum. I have a Boulder 2160 amp which is totally quiet and I don’t want to introduce any hum into my room. In an older post Pale Rider mentions he uses a Torus AVR 2, which is rated for 20 amps. The 3 piece Vivaldi only draws 100 watts, 1 amp, total so I am thinking I could use a smaller Torus, say the 7 or 10 amp version. The smaller physical size of the Torus would work better for me space wise. Any comments on this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I would only briefly remark that by getting rid of the PS power regenerator you will now fortunately not risk your warranty from dCS as damage arising from their use is specifically excluded and dCS do not recommend them.

There was also a recent thread here on this subject:

Excellent point Pete. In the end, I did not find that the while the AQ Niagara offered enough to justify buying it. Going forward, I may try some power cords, but that’s it.


Congratulations, fantastic audio gear, once you got it configured and cabled, you shall enjoy it very much.

I use the Audioquest Niagara 5000, it works very good. As you I can’t stand electrical hum, that is the reason why I did not want the Niagara 7000 nor any similar gear with a big power transformer…

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This is ironic as the reason power transformers hum is due to distortion on the incoming mains. Which the power conditioner says it eliminates. Just sayin’ :wink:.

I chose the Niagara 5000 due to price (the 7000 is almost double the price of the 5000,) but I have never heard transformer hum from a 7000.

If you read the Niagara 7000 user manual, Audioquest themselves explain that the buzzing of the device is normal and how it can be reduced…

I switched from Shunyata Denali 6000/S version 1 to version 2 a few weeks ago. And all I can say is, I knew my Vivalid DAC/Clock sounded really good but now it’s like everything has been cleaned up. My Roon Core, which is on a fanless Windows 10 PC, and has 3 separate power supplies, is also connected to it. What I didn’t expect is that it also sounds better in my workspace, where I also have a nice audio set. So I am very happy with the upgrade. Maybe this experience of mine is of no use to you, but maybe someone else? Have fun listening!

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Happily using the Stromtank S2500 to power my digital front end which includes the Vivaldi stack.

Hello Francis and welcome to the community.

I am sure that our friend @PaleRider would be pleased to learn of any further comments that you may have as he has been interested in a Stromtank for some months and seems to have had difficulty in getting much information.

In the grand scheme the 15 amp version isn’t much more money or space.