Power conditioner and Dac sound

What I like about Torus is that it doesn’t change the tonal balance, it doesn’t color the sound. Torus does not take something important from music to give something else. I have not yet found anything to complain about. But of course, it is too early to draw deep conclusions.

Hello Gregg,

I love these moments when a new discovery has such a profound impact. The beginning of even deeper musical enjoyment… And a nice reward for diligence and perseverance. Congratulations from across the pond. I am happy together with you.


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What other specific items do you use to improve current delivery? Like power distributor, cables, wall sockets, and so on?

Let me know how your 500 system reacts should you go that route.

So far I have opted for parallel filtering instead of outright power conditioning. Maybe time to reconsider. :thinking: The Ansuz d-tc power distributor filters in parallel in my system.


You should buy another Torus, plug it into this one, and confirm the first torus is removing all the dc.


RM will be even quieter mechanically. So Ross from Torus explained to me.

The transformer mounting method – The TOT Max CE transformer is basically just bolted to the bottom of the chassis with a layer of neoprene rubber between the transformer and the bottom panel. The transformer in the RM 8 CE is surrounded by a layer of neoprene rubber which is surrounded by a steel band. The steel band is bolted to the bottom panel of the chassis so the transformer is fully isolated from the chassis. Since the transformer is not bolted to the chassis, it essentially floats and is therefore fully isolated from the chassis. This helps to keep the RM 8 silent since any noise that may emanate from the transformer will not be able to resonate through the chassis.

By the way, the difference in weight between TOT MAX and RM8 transformers is only 1kg. 19kg for TOT MAX vs 20kg for RM8 (for the same 8 amperes). But in total it’s about ~12kg

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Hello Gregg @glevethan,

did you have a chance to evaluate the Torus in your Naim 500 system yet? And what is your experience now that the transformer has been in your system for a while?

I’m debating with myself whether to evaluate a Torus at home…

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Hi Marco @whitecube

To answer your question lets just say that I now own not one but TWO Torus Isolation transformers! How is that for an endorsement.

I initially tested the Torus TOT Max on my headphone only system with several different headphone amplifiers (Donald North Stratus Tube, HeadAmp GSX Mini and MK2, Stax 353XBK and Mjolnir Carbon) and the demo was brief and convincing. Everything improved. This was to be expected as the headphone systems were running off of the general house mains.

I then brought in a Torus RM20 to test out with my Naim 500/dCS system. While the headphone only system runs off the regular house mains the Naim system has a dedicated 20 amp line running into the listening room. Even with a dedicated line the Torus proved its worth and it now resides on my Fraim rack powering the 552/500/Rossini/Rossini Clock.

Highly recommended and actually reasonably priced when considering the rest of the system. I have Chord Music interconnects which cost more than the big Torus - talk about VFM.


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Hi Gregg @glevethan

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I am convinced too. Improving a Naim system (with their strong design attention to power) on a dedicated power line is a true litmus test.

A Torus shall be my next upgrade… I just hope I’m not wasting money on the already ordered power cables. :thinking:

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Hi All,
I am using a Synergistic Research Power Cell 12 UEF. This is the ONE component that I feel is really not doing anything in terms of sound quality improvement. Has anyone had any experience with the above power conditioner in a dCS- based system?
Many thanks in advance.

After I bought Torus avr2, I realized that this is where you need to start your passion for music. this applies to everything that works for you to play music.


Off topic, but how you like your Niimbus US 5 headamp? Which cans?

You are preaching to the converted…says the owner of not 1 but 2 Torus systems!



:innocent: :wink:There is nothing stopping us from reading the prayer again. Let us strengthen our faith, brothers!

The Niimbus is great. While he is at the burn stage. Very musical, all frequencies are uniform, the dynamics of the sound are at the highest level. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to test it with other expensive amplifiers, but I am very happy with this purchase. I listen to the Nimbus with the Sennheiser 800S. A very good couple. I highly recommend this pair.

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I used my existing adept response power conditioner when i went full stack and never considered that it could be removing dynamics. Anyone have any thoughts or experience here. Gotta start a new research project

Hi Ian,
Did you ever try the Shunyata Everest conditioner v your Shunyata Denali?
I am a headphone only guy and looking to upgrade my current Isotek sigma evo3 power conditioner.
Thanks for any advice

I guess I’m lucky. I live in a rural area with no houses nearby. So I get my own transformer. The ultimate dedicated line. The only problem is power outages from trees falling on the lines. Here’s a pic of my AC coming in. Pretty clean.


Congrats. Apart from the outages that must be great indeed!

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Hi there,

I think my power is good quality but when install the Synergetic research power cell Galileo SX i felt an great improvement in sound quality, darker and less noisy sound reveling greater detail. Very good up-grade.

I ended up upgrading my Denali v2 by adding a Typhon T2 with reference umbilical, which basically makes it into the Everest. It’s definitely better than Denali alone, but really needed the Omega XC mains cable to make it all work. With those three together there is much blacker background, and a tighter, more transparent sound.

But before the Omega XC sometimes the combo sounded a bit weird or over-filtered.

Right now I’m very happy with the sound, and I added an Altaira Chassis Hub with Omega ground cables which relaxes things further and brings out more contrast. The only thing I would really be interested in far off in the future is a Stromtank.