Pol: What tweak or component gave your system blacker background

Pol: What tweak or component gave your system blacker background.

For me it was Aurender W20SE streamer + RJ45 TP-Link 210 fiber media converters driven by 9V/1A battery packs and WireWorld Starlight Platinum Eclipse 7 AES/EBU gave me a better separation and depth = blacker background.

Please follow me and describe your tips and tweaks

I sold my PS Audio tube amp and preamp and went to Boulder 3160 class A amp. I’m not using a preamp - Vivaldi direct to Boulder. Totally quiet - with volume at reasonable level and no music playing there isn’t any sound or hiss from speakers. (I have the DCS DAC at 0.6 volt output). Amp does not have a mechanical hum, it’s as quiet as if it was turned off. My tube stuff was loud - mechanical hum from the transformer and too much speaker hiss. Of course the price difference between the 2 is considerable.


Is that “3160” a typo, Mark?

Not finding that Boulder model — just a gorgeous behemoth called the 3060.

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My mistake. It is the 3060. Yes it is a beast. Runs off of 240 volts.

My source is USB based and introducing Innuos Phoenix USB enhanced the overall experience good enough to label as ‘Dramatic’.

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With a splash of tonic. And ice.


Shunysta Everest on my dCS gear


my dCS stack on a Grand Prix Audio Silverstone rack. It’s a large difference. In addition to blacker background, better resolution, better textures/timbres, more dynamic. A good rack is essential for equipment like dCS.


Audience AR2P between my Nordost QB8 and the wall outlet. I wanted some surge protection and filtration without reducing current.

And a Furutech NCF ClearLine - that is a cheap and incredibly effective tweak. Took about 2 seconds to notice the improvement. Money very well spent.

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The 3060 is a beast of an amp indeed - shipping weight 563 lbs!

I listen to headphones only these days (remodel, had to move out, two channel system in storage). I recently purchased a Ferrum Oor headphone amp + Hypsos hybrid power supply and that pair has a very black background. Sound emanates from a vacuum.

I use it with the Bartok and a new pair of Dan Clark Audio Expanse headphones and this system is so darn enjoyable to listen to. I would consider the Rossini clock, but at $10k within the context of this system it does not feel like a good value.


That is a great setup indeed✋

If you go for the Rossini Clock you will get a more subtle, but a slight more composed and calm sound, so it is more a matter of taste to add a clock or not.

It feels better to have one than not, but it is not a most to have

I agree about the Everest also the Omega cables completed the deeper displayed sound!

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My friend got his whole system equipped with Omega cabling and Omega Audio Concept mains filter boxes and they make the sound darker with great calm black background👍

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Did your friend get the Everest
To complete that open sound he has
Discovered with those amazing cords?!

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One of the better sounding experience you can imagine in a home :wink:

Consisting of Omega Concepts cabling straight trough + 2x Omega Power filtering Outlets filled some sort epoxy mass and weighs about 12kg each block
This adds up for a total of about 60.000$ in total of cabling.

Storm Audio iSP16 ch Mk II Ultra High End DSP Processor
Storm Audio 8 chanel AMP 800 watt bridged for the front speakers:
Asylvox Tintoretto Planar magnetic upgraded with new external 3way crossovers.
They are driven in fully active mode buy the amp: bas , mid , tweeter planar panel, and each register in the speakers and REL subwoofers is room calibrated.

Kalista X Dreamstream incl. Kalista air-hinged chassi . ( The PSU in the Kalista Streamer got 7 stage’s of filtering )

Innous new Linear Femto High End Switch

Roon Nucelus Server

4 x REL No.25 Active Subwoofers

The sound is as big as an true cinema and very quiet between every note, so you get the feeling it is a different song, as it feels almost as the record is going in slower speed, because it is so fast in reality.

A great system under 24/7 progress…

Next upgrade on order is PLINUS 700watt class A(b) Mono Amps and Neo Reference stands for the amps and Storm Audio and Kalista Streamer.



Did you mean Innuos PhoenixNet? If so, I too recently introduced this to my system for interesting outcome.

Yes it is the Innous Phoenix it is great, and newer tech than Melco S100 for a good price :+1:


I painted the wall black :slight_smile: