Pol: What tweak or component gave your system blacker background

Pol: What tweak or component gave your system blacker background.

For me it was Aurender W20SE streamer + RJ45 TP-Link 210 fiber media converters driven by 9V/1A battery packs and WireWorld Starlight Platinum Eclipse 7 AES/EBU gave me a better separation and depth = blacker background.

Please follow me and describe your tips and tweaks

I sold my PS Audio tube amp and preamp and went to Boulder 3160 class A amp. I’m not using a preamp - Vivaldi direct to Boulder. Totally quiet - with volume at reasonable level and no music playing there isn’t any sound or hiss from speakers. (I have the DCS DAC at 0.6 volt output). Amp does not have a mechanical hum, it’s as quiet as if it was turned off. My tube stuff was loud - mechanical hum from the transformer and too much speaker hiss. Of course the price difference between the 2 is considerable.

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Is that “3160” a typo, Mark?

Not finding that Boulder model — just a gorgeous behemoth called the 3060.

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My mistake. It is the 3060. Yes it is a beast. Runs off of 240 volts.

My source is USB based and introducing Innuos Phoenix USB enhanced the overall experience good enough to label as ‘Dramatic’.

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With a splash of tonic. And ice.


Shunysta Everest on my dCS gear


my dCS stack on a Grand Prix Audio Silverstone rack. It’s a large difference. In addition to blacker background, better resolution, better textures/timbres, more dynamic. A good rack is essential for equipment like dCS.


Audience AR2P between my Nordost QB8 and the wall outlet. I wanted some surge protection and filtration without reducing current.

And a Furutech NCF ClearLine - that is a cheap and incredibly effective tweak. Took about 2 seconds to notice the improvement. Money very well spent.

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The 3060 is a beast of an amp indeed - shipping weight 563 lbs!

I listen to headphones only these days (remodel, had to move out, two channel system in storage). I recently purchased a Ferrum Oor headphone amp + Hypsos hybrid power supply and that pair has a very black background. Sound emanates from a vacuum.

I use it with the Bartok and a new pair of Dan Clark Audio Expanse headphones and this system is so darn enjoyable to listen to. I would consider the Rossini clock, but at $10k within the context of this system it does not feel like a good value.


That is a great setup indeed✋

If you go for the Rossini Clock you will get a more subtle, but a slight more composed and calm sound, so it is more a matter of taste to add a clock or not.

It feels better to have one than not, but it is not a most to have

I agree about the Everest also the Omega cables completed the deeper displayed sound!

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My friend got his hole system equipped with Omega cabling and Omega Audio Concept mains filter boxes and they make the sound darker with great calm black background👍

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Did your friend get the Everest
To complete that open sound he has
Discovered with those amazing cords?!