Please read my wish list for add some features in future :)

Hi dCS team,

Please consider adding the following features in new Mosaic releases. Thanks in advance!

  1. Light theme
  2. Shared library view for all content (like ROON grouping)
  3. Lock display dimmer (always ON)
  4. Playback control and show the track being played on the lock screen. (like Apple Music or Tidal apps)
  5. Volume control using iPhone/iPad buttons
  6. Favorites or quick launch menu (for example, in UPnP browser pin “By Folders” as first level) to avoid multiple clicks
  7. Unified search on all resources that are connected (local, UPnP, Tidal, etc)
  8. Start Smart Radio, after the end of the playlist (like ROON or Tidal)
  9. Getting information about the artist (for example, from LAST.FM)

Many of these have been considered or are planned for future releases. I do have some specific comments:

This isn’t going to happen due to a number of technical limitations and this function is one of the reasons that Roon needs such a powerful machine for the core. If this is an important feature for you then I recommend you use Roon.

Do you mean keep the device running Mosaic Control from entering a screen lock or sleep state? This is generally frowned upon by Apple, but there are ways around that.

We would like to do this but there is currently a limitation in the development framework that we use. I have no idea when this will be possible.

This requires the iOS device to be either the audio source (streaming content from the iOS device) or the audio output. As a control-only app we cannot access these buttons.

It’s nice to hear))

It is not so important that I return to the ROON again. I like the sound more using Mosaic and I sold my NUC7i5BNH

Yes, exactly. ROON and JRiver apps have this feature. This is convenient for quickly control playback, stop/pause, change the volume level, etc.

This request follows from the previous one (quick access to playback with screen always ON). But specifically in this case, the screen will not consume energy )))

Thanks, Andrew!

Do you plan on working with minimserver to overcome the limitations to display artist artwork in browser? The artwork is now available only in album or folder views

Hello, let me add my 2 cents. As far as we are talking about ergonomy in UPnP, i really think that the Lumin application associated to minimserver is a must (at least on iOS). The main reason, to me, is that the application is able to display covers what ever we are talking about the album, artist, etc…views.The folder view is still available but i don’t need to use anymore. So i would say that UPnP custom views with covers and views like titles, albums, artists, genre, year and a very interesting one : recent (meaning the latest introduced in the library) should be great.

  • Follow to playing track (marked in blue) in play queue.
  • Display off timer (for DACs)
    It’s will be good to add to new Mosaic.