Please read my wish list for add some features in future :)

Hi dCS team,

Please consider adding the following features in new Mosaic releases. Thanks in advance!

  1. Light theme
  2. Shared library view for all content (like ROON grouping)
  3. Lock display dimmer (always ON)
  4. Playback control and show the track being played on the lock screen. (like Apple Music or Tidal apps)
  5. Volume control using iPhone/iPad buttons
  6. Favorites or quick launch menu (for example, in UPnP browser pin “By Folders” as first level) to avoid multiple clicks
  7. Unified search on all resources that are connected (local, UPnP, Tidal, etc)
  8. Start Smart Radio, after the end of the playlist (like ROON or Tidal)
  9. Getting information about the artist (for example, from LAST.FM)

Many of these have been considered or are planned for future releases. I do have some specific comments:

This isn’t going to happen due to a number of technical limitations and this function is one of the reasons that Roon needs such a powerful machine for the core. If this is an important feature for you then I recommend you use Roon.

Do you mean keep the device running Mosaic Control from entering a screen lock or sleep state? This is generally frowned upon by Apple, but there are ways around that.

We would like to do this but there is currently a limitation in the development framework that we use. I have no idea when this will be possible.

This requires the iOS device to be either the audio source (streaming content from the iOS device) or the audio output. As a control-only app we cannot access these buttons.

It’s nice to hear))

It is not so important that I return to the ROON again. I like the sound more using Mosaic and I sold my NUC7i5BNH

Yes, exactly. ROON and JRiver apps have this feature. This is convenient for quickly control playback, stop/pause, change the volume level, etc.

This request follows from the previous one (quick access to playback with screen always ON). But specifically in this case, the screen will not consume energy )))

Thanks, Andrew!

Do you plan on working with minimserver to overcome the limitations to display artist artwork in browser? The artwork is now available only in album or folder views

Hello, let me add my 2 cents. As far as we are talking about ergonomy in UPnP, i really think that the Lumin application associated to minimserver is a must (at least on iOS). The main reason, to me, is that the application is able to display covers what ever we are talking about the album, artist, etc…views.The folder view is still available but i don’t need to use anymore. So i would say that UPnP custom views with covers and views like titles, albums, artists, genre, year and a very interesting one : recent (meaning the latest introduced in the library) should be great.

  • Follow to playing track (marked in blue) in play queue.
  • Display off timer (for DACs)
    It’s will be good to add to new Mosaic.

Having just started to use Mosaic as my go-to control app I have of couple of suggestions for minor changes and additions:

(1) In the Service screen (e.g. UPnP) at the album track level, when clicking on the right-hand options (PLAY ALL etc) it would be useful to have a ‘PLAY ALL FROM HERE’ option added. This would remove the need to build up a playlist by adding the subsequent tracks individually.

(2) It can be difficult to read the Album/Artist listing in anything but low light. Even with brilliance much increased on my 8” tablet I have difficulty. This problem could be solved firstly by decreasing the relative greyness of the album & track text - they are currently much greyer than the arrow at the top left of the screen for example. Secondly the font size for the second line, Artist, could be increased slightly.

I’d be interested to hear the views of other users of Mosaic.

  • “don’t turn off display” feature or move playback buttons to lock screen for fast pause, mute or change volume level
  • pin to favorites one of folders tree level for quick navigation
  • quick return to playing track by press to play queue button (manual scrolling to find one “blue” track is not best navigation in big queue)

Not added, I’m crying :sob:

@Andrew where to find description what changes/fixes/improvements were on hardware level, not only Mosaic app.

Thanks! Bartók the best machine.
Unless you heard Rossini or OMG Vivaldi :hear_no_evil:

If by “hardware level” you mean updates to the actual processing code used in the FPGA then those are separate updates that are released independently of Mosaic. Those releases have their own release notes which describe the updates and new features. You may see an update to Mosaic at the same time as the FPGA, but in those cases we will still issue separate release notes specific to the product that gets and FPGA update.

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If you are using an iOS device then investigate Apple’s “Guided Access” feature which will allow you to lock your iPad/iPhone to Mosaic for a listening session. This bypasses the need to unlock your device and every time you wake it up you’ll be brought immediately back to the last screen you were on in Mosaic.

If you’re using Android then investigate the “Pin App” feature.

Forcing the display to remain on isn’t great UI design and is frowned upon by Apple. Although they allow an app to do it, they may not always allow it unless the app is actively showing content (like video).

At this point in time the development framework we’re using (which allows us to have the exact same UI on iOS and Android) does not support lock screen widgets. When that support is added and is stable we’ll investigate adding a widget.

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Hi Andrew, I mean network board update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 with last Mosaic update…

ROON and JRiver have this feature, maybe it’s possible for Mosaic app, I don’t know, but maybe…))

That do you think about the other two points? Is it possible to implement in the future? If you understand my English of course :slight_smile:

Sounds like iOS is restrictive about access to the buttons. However Android allows it.

I don’t know how practical would it be for you to keep different behaviors according to the underlying operating system, but I thought I should at least mention the possibility.


Well if we’re compiling a wish list then…

On the app have the option to remove unused services. I don’t use tidal, spotify etc… so lets make the page less cluttered and take them off.
Set a default UPnP server rather than have to select every time. I mean does anyone actually have more than one on their network?
Option to make the ‘current playing’ window, on the RHS of the screen, larger. Those buttons for next track etc… are a bit small for us older users with duff sight and fingers :wink:
Options to make the text larger. Again for us older users. Changing the default text size in the Android setup makes no difference on mosaic.

These are both under consideration. There’s some additional UI work that will need to be done first before we implement features like these. As for multiple UPnP servers, it’s actually more common than you would think.

This won’t happen as it ends up having a significant impact on the other display areas in the app. We’ve made it as wide as we can while still keeping the layout consistent across the majority of tablet screen sizes and aspect ratios.

Text scaling has been part of the app since the very beginning and this works on the iOS and Android devices that we test with using the system font scaling setting. If this isn’t working on your tablet then there’s a bug in the Android version that the manufacturer of your tablet is providing.

tbh these buttons are really small. I mean I have a 10" tablet and they’re small! They must be minute on a standard phone!

What you could do is the option for full screen on the little current playing screen. So full screen or back to current size. So you can flip between full screen for current playing track with navigation/volume/etc or back to the current layout.

Strange… I’ll retest.

Okay… it’s a fair cop! I set test to full size and it has changed. I’m wearing some reading glasses as well so that’s also helping :wink: