Please can you help me with upsampler, clock and non DCS DAC setup?

Hi. I have a system built around an Ayon DAC and appreciate that this puts me outside the recommended ‘stack’ implementation of DCS products. However, I have recently acquired a Scarlatti upsampler and thus far am pleased with its impact on my setup - which is an Antipodes Roon source, going into the Upsampler, into the AYON dac.

I am interested to know a) whether the addition of a clock to my setup is going to improve the SQ and b) how exactly I connect it in. (Given that the DAC doesn’t have connections for an external clock).

NB the Antipodes is currently connected to the upsampler two different ways - i) via USB and ii) via SPDIF. And at the moment I am using the SPDIF connection as I was getting clicks when on the USB connection.

Finally - if a DCS clock IS going to work and can be connected in - my last question is - does it HAVE to be the scarlatti clock? I only ask as I have the opportunity to buy a Puccini clock.

Thank you so much for reading this through.

The idea of a system clock is that all of the components in that system are slaved to it and are therefore synchronised. As none of your components except the upsampler have provision to accept a wordclock input then only the upsampler will be synched to it. I cannot see how that would provide you with any advantage.

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