Playlists in mosaic

Am I missing something very straightforward? Can you make a playlist in mosaic with locally stored files from Nucleus? I’ve only been able to make a play list from Qobuz. SQ does seem to be slightly better from Mosaic rather than Roon.

Click Playlists bottom of Mosaic App

Click the 3 vertical dots top right

New Playlist

Name it

Go back into MinimServer UpNP folder list and click the 3 vertical dots next to an Album or Track and choose Add to Playlist

Choose the Playlist you just created

You can add the Queue to a Playlist same way - 3 vertical dots top right


Thanks Angus. I was hoping to be able to do this with my library that is stored on my Nucleus.

Roon isn’t UpNP it uses its own thing called RAAT, so it isn’t going to serve up the music files from your Nucleus for Mosaic to see afaik.

Maybe someone on here can answer, I use Roon ROCK on a NUC with my music files on a QNAP NAS where Minim is running.

This guy has Roon extensions, one is called rooUpNP which may do what you want but you’ll need a Rasp Pi so a bit of a faff and some IT geekery required

Do you want to use your UPnP streamer that is not yet Roon Ready with Roon? Then rooUPnP is perfect for you.

rooUPnP is a software developed, to open Roon for all UPnP streamers that can play FLAC, PCM or MP3 audio. With rooUPnP is is finally possible to use elder UPnP streamers with Roon, saving you the money for a new Roon Ready streamer!

All this without any quality loss in a Bit Perfect way. rooUPnP supports gapless playback and an individual setup for each of your UPnP streamers. Using rooUPnP you can control all transport activities (stop, play, …) and the volume control of your UPnP streamer with Roon.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread. I have a related question about playlists on Mosaic

I use Roon to play my own CD rips through my Rossini Apex. I created playlists for specific purposes such as relaxation, background listening, and audio component evaluation.

A friend heard my audio component evaluation playlist in my system and wanted to hear the same songs on his. He owns an older, non-Apex Rossini.

So, I used Roon’s playlist export function to save that playlist onto my blank USB thumb drive. When Roon finished, I plugged it into the back of my own Rossini Apex and opened it in Mosaic.

I saw subfolders of the artist’s names and in them are the tracks they played that are on my playlist. There was also an addition subfolder called “playlist” with an M3U file inside.

I know Roon doesn’t follow the user’s order of songs when exporting playlists, hence the M3U file which restores that. However, tapping on that M3U file in the Mosaic app does nothing.

As a result, not only are the songs in my playlist out of sequence, multiple finger taps are needed to find a particular song on my USB drive, especially if I’m more familiar with titles rather than artists.

Did I miss something?

What is the right way to export a user-created Roon playlist to a USB flash drive so that the right sequence of songs shows up in Mosaic and can be played?

Thanks in advance.

You didn’t miss anything Leonard, dCS Mosaic Control unfortunately doesn’t currently support the M3U file format.

By the way, Roon export does follow the correct sequence of tracks in your personal playlist; that sequence is contained in the M3U file saved by Roon export, which you can actually view/edit with any text editor. It lists the exact sequence of tracks to play, based on their relative folder location (from the M3U file) on your USB drive, each of which are placed into Artist, Album, Track subfolder format.

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Yes, I see the M3U file that Roon creates follows the track order of my playlist. What I want to do is copy those tracks onto a USB thumb drive so that I can hear them on my friend’s Rossini in the same order as my playlist.

Since Mosaic doesn’t support M3U files, let me see if I can find a work-around.