Playing .Wav file with DTS compression (6-CH)

New user of Vivaldi Apex and Upsampler here. Found problem of playing above files that I have a lot, some 2-ch some multichannel. Can it be done?

DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossy codec used primarily for Blu- ray disc material. There is no corresponding decoder in dCS units. I guess you may find these in video processors.

All those I have are pure audio CDs published in DTS encoded. Many of them are pop music though.

At one point, there were many DTS dics published. One from TELARC I like is:
TELARC CD-80466-DTS Holst: The Planets (Yoel Levi, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra)

Sad that these fancy Vivaldi Apex DAC can’t even play that many free audio player can do just fine.

Thank you for your further information. This looks like a remastering done by the Hong Kong company Fim. As far as I can see this affects the production process i.e. the remastering. That 32 bit remaster is then released commercially as as a CD. Its the same as 20 bit mastered or remastered CDs. The production process uses high resolution but this is subsequently released as a CD ( 16 bit).

As far as I can tell from my researches you should have a recording remastered using the DTS process but the commercial release is that formatted to a standard redbook CD. The actual DTS remastering is only the actual mastertape. Of course this means that there is nothing special for the Vivaldi to decode. it results in a 16/44.1 file or CD. Of course MCH versions lie outside of any DTS processor’s design being stereo devices.

If you have something else please advise.

As a customer of dCS, one of the very high-end leaders of digital system, here are some of my very basic but strong suggestions, not just for customers but also for the good of dCS market expansion (e.g., there are plenty wealthy audiophiles in Asia they buy very high-end gears without blinking an eye).

  • Shall support multichannel pure music, such as DTS discs, Dolby CDs, SACD 5.1,… At the minimum can map like 6 channel signals to 2 channel for replay.
  • Many music streaming service are providing more and more surrounding music such as Dolby atmos even at 2 channel. Shall support the decoding of such musical materials.

I also found Vivaldi Apex can’t play SACD/DSD at 5.1 format. Yes, more 2-channel DSD I have, but I also have several hundreds of 5.1 SACD. What a shame! Any simple PC software such as jRiver Media Center or even free PotPlayer can play them nicely (map to 2 channel).

It’s so hard to think that $70K USD dCS player can’t do what free PC software can do! I strongly encourage dCS not ignore the future trend such as Dolby Atmos music, etc.