Play history in Mosaic when playing individual tracks using Play Now

Many times, especially when testing changes caused by updates I play individual songs, by pressing Play Now as opposed to Play All or adding them to the queue. Any chance I could see what tracks have been played?

Mosaic offers various views.To get close to what you want instead of selecting "Play All " from the home screen you need to load the album into the play queue first. To do this just press the chevron at the right side of the blue “Play All” box. Now open the the play queue ( the small white triangle and horizontal lines at the screen bottom). In this view you pick the track you want to play as “Play from Here” after tapping the three white dots at the right side. the album will play from that point and a blue cursor follows the tracks as they play. You can still see the earlier tracks and any previous selections until you clear the play queue.

If it is only a single track that you want then only this will be loaded to the play queue if you choose “Play Now” but it is deleted from the play queue at the end. So the earlier method is recommended if you want to see past information ( subject to capacity). However for a single track with further tracks of the album to follow you need to stop at the end.

So, not perfect but workable.

Thanks, I could do that with individual tracks too by hitting the Queue or Add Next instead of Play Now.
It just requires too many button presses. Would be good to have a setting that enables adding everything you play to the playlist.

The bigger problem however is that if I - out of habit - hit Play Now then the whole queue will be deleted.

Everything that you play is added to the playlist. Your problem seems to be that it it is not permanently kept.

When considering this, a clear definition of what is required is needed. Everything? How far back , UPnP only or including tacks streamed from web services ,potential limitations on memory etc?

If you are able to define exactly what is wanted by you then you could post it in a thread dealing with Mosaic requests. However you may not have been around when Mosaic was launched. dCS made its purpose clear. It is not an all singing, all dancing application but provides all of the basic functions to enable the average user to enjoy the facility. It has developed since then but would your need be considered out of scope? Is there sufficient demand for such a thing?

All of the dCS units are Roon certified. I am no expert on the product as I am not a subscriber but I wonder if its more sophisticated library management might make Roon membership appropriate for you?

Yes everything up to a limit of a certain number of entries. At this stage I mostly play music to test and compare my new DCS gear and sometimes I want to give another listen to something I played a few days before but the only thing I remember it sounded good but have no clue what it was.

I used a Lumin streamer transport before and the Lumin app stored everything and at one point it said the queue is full when I had to delete it.

Re Roon, I’m a jynx when it comes to technology (funnily my profession is developing high tech electronics/software, but being a jynx at least makes me an ideal tester) so in my private life I try to minimise the unnecessary use of modern technology (I call this desh@tification).

I have to restart Mosaic many times a day same with the Rossini, because this and that is not found or not playing.

That’s one reason I still prefer vinyl. I have control on what and when is played. Wherever I put the stylus it will play from there on, no delays, no restarts, no disappointment.

The other reason is it still sounds better to me than digital. Livelier, more air, etc. The Rossini clock and using map1 (vs map3 which I initially found better) helped it get a bit closer with adding some more air but still when I switch to vinyl I feel it’s somehow less restricted.

At the Munich show last week I caused a small chaos by locking up the control app just by being present. They couldn’t believe me when I apologised and said it was me and I have to leave to let it work again and so I did and it started working then locked up again when I went back later.

So no Roon for me, thanks. I don’t understand the craze about it anyway, a few fancy features at the cost of adding extra unreliability. Against my desh@tification movement :slight_smile:

This really should not be happening as I expect you realise. This is taking us OT but I think that it is worth pounting out that this kind of issue is familiar to the forum and to dCS. It is, almost without exception , caused by an issue with your network. It is usually not difficult to correct. You can search the srchives here or, perhaps more direclty, contact:

[email protected]

Sure I know this shouldn’t be happening and they aren’t with others, but it’s normal with me.
That’s why I added I’m a jinx and I only brought this up to explain why I don’t want Roon.

I don’t blame DCS, it happens with all products to me. I’ve long given up trying to fix mysterious network issues etc. I know they can be found and be fixed but the effort is not proportional with the results because another, different problem will occur right after you fixed one and there are usually multiple problems on top of each other anyway.

This modern digital technology especially when networking and cloud are involved are super fragile and requires the stars to be perfectly aligned to work as intended. Having said that I have to chase similar issues with my work daily and I know it can be successful with huge efforts and maybe that’s why I refuse to do the same with my hobbies. It is just easier to live with some slight annoying problems than spending my valuable time trying to fix issues daily.

It’s the same with computers. A fresh Windows or Mac install is usually ok, but even that’s not always true, then more and more weird issues pop up as time goes by but I’d still live with them than to reinstall and config everything again. With dozens of different IDE’s etc it’s a nightmare and you would always miss something. For this reason I usually just buy a new laptop and keep the old one that’s properly configured to ensure a smooth transition if you know what I mean.

To let them know that everything they suggest I’ve already tried and then being asked to restart the app… Sorry, getting a bit cynical here, but that’s the truth.

Should have introduced myself including saying I’m different but you must know it by now.

Or not.
I have an USB stick connected to the USB socket in the back of the Rossini and it stops seeing it after a while and only switching power off for a few minutes helps.

Having said all that I highly appreciate your help and even though I’m new here I can already see that the level of expertise and the responsiveness put this forum in a whole different league compared to other groups I’m used to.

The history of recently played songs is available. You need to configure Minimserver to display such files. This is a feature that came in version 2.1 of MS. All recently played files are included there and there can be up to 1000 of them displayed

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Hi Robert. It’s great to hear from you as you have been away for some months.

Thanks for your suggestion but I have to say that we are not sure whether or not @TomAudio uses MinimServer or even whether or not he has a UPnP server or only uses a streaming service. I would have asked further but his last post makes it clear that he is not willing to carry out any advice given as:

I am unclear what his purpose is in posting as he puts everything down to:

This lies beyond my limited abilities.

Hi Robert,
Great to hear that! I’m using Minimserver 2.2 running on my Synology NAS. I checked what’s possible with it the other day but couldn’t find anything like that. I have the unlicensed, starter version. Would you mind sharing what to do to access the list of recently played tracks? Can it be displayed in Mosaic?

Sorry I just meant that mysterious problems that should work but they don’t for whatever reason in certain circumstances and that are hard or impossible to replicate are the ones that are not necessarily worth the effort.

Accessing/displaying play history is nothing like that.

To find out what the intended way of working is. The fact that it does not necessarily or always work for me as intended does not mean I’m not interested in how something should work. I must have a reference to reach in an ideal case.

There’s a lot more beyond the scientifically explainable world, which you, dealing with audio, must have experienced too. Science is just a poor model.

One of my favourite sayings is "Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.“

Me being a jinx just means I tend to encounter more problems when using technology created relying on science but used by humans living in the real world that doesn’t always follow the rules covered by even the most advanced scientific models.

More exactly the rules are ok-ish and followed but there’s much more to what’s happening in the world than what we know or can scientifically explain.

Even sciences define cases that are unlikely and not handled. They are called edge cases.

Jinx like myself have a natural ability to bring edge cases out of anything. Statistics don’t work for them. We are kind of aliens, that are differently wired, it’s hard for us to fit in but nothing is impossible for us in a good sense either so on the longer run we move the world forward.

Sorry for being a bit more open-minded than the norm on technical forums.

Ok found the answers.

" To enable the Recently Played feature, add the special index entry *RecentPlayed to indexTags and restart MinimServer. In the MinimServer index menus, this will show as Recently Played or a translation depending on your MinimServer language setting."


" Full license

By purchasing a full license, you can use all the functionality of MinimServer 2. The following features require a full license and are not available in Starter Edition:


I don’t think the recently played tracks can be displayed in Mosaic, can they?

After properly configuring MinimSerwer and adding the appropriate configurations. This option will appear like other selection options when selecting MS as the UPNP source. We can browse the content of recently played files depending on what sorting methods you have configured. NP years, albums or genres.

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Thanks. I will test it using the trial version even though I’d expect basics like this to come free with Mosaic.

Yeah completely in line with what I said above, I’m not average so not the target market which is understandable.

Works great plus love all the sorting options by format and quality etc and just seen that the license fee is not annual but perpetual so all good thanks again. More than enough for me.

I agree Tom, a history of the most recently played, say, the last 10-tracks, would be a nice native Mosaic feature.

That said, most might not realise the complication with the ask; Mosaic Control - the piece that runs on your iPhone or Android - is a completely stateless front-end; it doesn’t store any information by itself and only reflects the state of the dCS network streaming board.

Like Mosaic’s Playlist feature for example, such a track history list would need to be maintained on the network board. Not impossible, but not trivial either considering that network board is an embedded system with limited storage.

From the logs: the network board has:

nand: Toshiba NAND 512MiB 3,3V 8-bit

IMO, not so limited!

It would not make much difference. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I browse through tracks like others browse through TV channels to find one that suits their mood. In an extreme case this would mean the 10 tracks memory would only be enough for 5 minutes. Music is my TV.

Thanks for the clarification.

I think a clear and ‘easy’ solution would be taking @PAR suggestion further.

which I took further by adding single tracks to the queue

The problem is this

Not only they are not kept but pressing Play All deletes the whole playlist which I’m not sure what the idea behind is. Is pressing Play Now interpreted as the user has given up on everything they’ve ever done and beyond and start a complete new life from scratch?

So the clear and ‘easy’ way in my mind would be to automatically add everything to the playlist even when Play Now is pressed, which Peter says is done but not kept which -to me- just defeats the point.

If the streaming board has storage to store playlists of full albums, adding (and keeping) a few individual tracks the same way might not make much difference. It could be disabled for those that want to save on storage space for ‘playlist’ playlist entries.

But at least preventing Play Now from deleting the playlist would be helpful (to me).

As always, I might be missing something.

That’s raw capacity though, but 513/1.43 only takes up about a fifth of that. Not sure how much is used for swap space. And logs are less than 1MB. So, there’s probably well enough space for pointers to historical tracks :grin:

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