Path to dCS heaven - Need Streaming

I’m a PS Audio DSD w/Bridge II user. I’m ready to jump into dCS.

My question is how I should proceed. I have an opportunity to purchase a used Vivaldi DAC. I know the Vivaldi doesn’t offer streaming support. My question is should I jump on the Vivaldi and use a Roon Nucleus via USB as step one? Then upgrade to a Network Bridge or Upsampler and go ethernet from the Nucleus down the road.

Second option is to go with a new Rossini DAC and go Ethernet from the Roon Nucleus.

Technically I guess a third option would be to go with a new Bartok with Roon Nucleus and save money.

All of your options are viable. However using Roon as your network source will restrict you to Tidal and/or Qobuz for internet streaming. However I doubt if that is a huge problem for many.

Your post suggest that the used Vivaldi is going to cost you the same as a new Bartok. That seems either a bargain or that there is something to be concerned about. dCS will provide some degree of verification of the status of the Vivaldi in question if you provide them with the serial number.

Streaming Vivaldi style can become an expensive option if you are budget constrained. I would therefore go for one of the other options. I can assure you that if you subsequently want to upgrade to Vivaldi dCS do look after their customers.

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No a used Vivaldi is close to a new Rossini. The Bartok is the “cheaper” option. I had a typo in my post. I meant to say the Bartok would save me money. Sorry

Like you I was using a PS Audio DSD with Bridge II and contemplating changing to dCS kit. After reading reviews and having an audition I bought a dCS Network Bridge as it gave a noticeable SQ improvement. There was a further (lesser) step-up in SQ when I removed the Bridge II from the PS Audio DAC. I initially thought a good upgrade route might be to the Bartok but my dealer happened to mention that another of his customers was having great trouble deciding whether to buy a Bartok as a replacement for his existing combination of a dCS Bridge and a PS Audio DSD DAC - he was not sure which he preferred. I can confirm that the PS Audio DAC with Bridge II removed and no ethernet or USB connection sounds very good. I have read a review that suggested the PS Audio DAC was perhaps marginally less transparent, but slightly warmer than the Bartok.
So I’d strongly recommend you start by looking at the dCS Network Bridge (+ your DSD DAC) and compare this with the Bartok. If your personal SQ preference is for the former I’d suggest that at a later stage you then consider getting a Rossini DAC.
(Background information: I use MinimServer server software running on a NAS, controlled by the dCS Mosaic app. This setup is ultra reliable; no dropouts etc.)

Hi and welcome
A bit like you, i was not that long ago looking at joining the dcs path, at first i was looking at the Bartok with headphone amp, but after listening to the rossini and clock, i decided this was the way for me, it gave a very nice uplift in sound performance over the Bartok and although not cheap, it was certainly a cheaper option over the vivaldi. As i went for the rossini player in the end.
But as other has said, it all depends on where you are heading, the vivaldi dac, is a fantastic piece off kit, but its just the start and really it needs all the other toys to go with it, to really get what it can do.
I think for most serious hifi guys even the rossini is more than they really need, and i dont know the rest off your system, but its going to have to be very serious to find the Bartok, rossini as the week link.
So plenty to think about, but atleast you have found DCS and heard what they are all about, just decided your path and for certain you will enjoy it

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I had a Naim Dac + Moon Mind 180 for streaming. I replaced it with a dCS Vivaldi Dac + Network Bridge, lately I added Roon on a Qnap Nas.

It is useless comparing the two set up, I can only say that now I don’t see any reason to upgrade anything…the only changes I am glad to implement are when I get a new version of Mosaic and Roon as I still use both applications.