Operating Temperature Rossini

In the user manual of the Rossini is mentioned the werking conditions of the unit should be between 0C - 45C but what is acceptabel for the operation conditions?
My unit is running at 47,5C, which to me seems prettig High.

Any information is welcome.

How are you measuring this?

Very easy, the mosaic App is showing me :wink:

Well I just checked with the same facility with my Vivaldi which has been in sleep mode for the last couple of days ( temp 43.5) and has just completed over an hour of actually processing ( temp 44.0). However the Vivaldi does not have a network board which may add to the temperature in the Rossini. I guess you will need to wait for a Rossini owner to respond but you may have a point.

I suppose I ought to ask what the ambient temperature in your room is ( 24 here in London). Is your Rossini housed in/on an open rack or is it in a storage unit with doors?

My Vivaldi Upsampler reports 46 and the DAC reports 48.2. They’re new so I’ve been keeping them in burn in mode whenver I’m not using them. They’re on a hifi rack but the ambient temperature is pretty high here, probably 28 degrees or so.

I’m also curious to hear if this is something we should worry about.

My Vivaldi upsampler reports its temp. as 41.1 ( Also new - about 3 weeks old). However it hasn’t been doing anything for the last 4 hours. I will have a listening session this afternoon and see if the temperature(s) increase. However maybe your noted temperatures are of no surprise if you have been running them 24/7 for days.

BTW I doubt that either you or the other Jeff have much to concern you as I am sure that dCS will have installed safety measures so that the units protect themselves if the internal temperature exceeds its safe operating level.

Hello Pete,
Thanks for checking your Vivaldi.
I am not worried, just a little concerned at 47,5C device temperature. if ambient is OK for max. 45C and the Rossini itself is just 2,5C higher it should not be a problem.
Ambient temperature at Rotterdam area, in my house is about 25,5C. Therefore I was wondering or dCS was able to give me an indication of the maximum temperature of the unit itself.

Sorry Pete, I oversaw your other question.
The Rossini and clock are in a cabinet but there is no back wall in it.
I also switched off the LCD screen complete :wink:

Thanks for your reply as well Jeff.
Seems our temperatures are more or less the same.

Let,s wait and see if dCS can give is the correct maximum operaties temperature of the dCS unit itself.

With the replies of both of you, Pete and Jeff, I am feeling much more confident as before.

Hi all,

There is absolutely nothing to worry about with any of these temperatures. Please note that the specified temperature in the User Guides is the ambient temperature the unit is in, not the internal temperature of the unit which Mosaic shows.

A unit running at 47.5°C in an ambient temperature of roughly 25°C is well within normal operating range, so nothing to be concerned about. Unless your listening room is above 45°C (in which case I would wager you have bigger issues to deal with!) there is no cause for concern. Absolutely nothing to worry about here.

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I have the Vivaldi DAC,Clock and Upsampler. I am currently showing the DAC temp at 40 and the Upsampler at 38.8.

I said that I would report back ( though James has answered the fundamental question), after an afternoon’s session my Vivaldi Upsampler runs at 42 and the DAC at 45.

Hello James,
Thanks for getting back to us (especially me) to give us a better understanding.
Of course I have seen and mentioned the max. ambient temperature of 45C, so I shouldn’t worry at all.
Never the less, thanks again from Holland :+1:

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your input as well, even lower temperatures :+1:
Probably lower ambient temperature and in an open rack.
Seems we are all save now!