Operating Rossini CD transport via Mosaic App

Can you operate the Rossini CD player through mosaic? I was assuming that was part of the feature set, but I don’t see how to do that when using Mosaic.
If not it, it would be great to integrate this function into the Mosaic app.

This functionality is planned for a future update. We don’t have the timing nailed down yet, but it’s coming.

In the mean time the transport controls are still available via the legacy Rossini app.

Thanks for the speedy response.

Andrew, it would also be ergonomically helpful (for the future release) if the physical player buttons (like the eject) weren’t disabled when using the app.

Thanks Again

The transport mechanism is only energized when the the DISC input is selected. This is for performance reasons to reduce any sources of noise inside the player when the transport mechanism is not in use.