One Man's Dream

Do any of you remember the Ken Fritz documentary? Here it is if you missed it. I remember watching it mesmerised by how single-mindedly anyone could pursue such a dream over such a very long period (not to mention the expense) and, particularly, the opportunity cost of both, the time and the $$$. After all, our pocketbooks may be different sizes but we all only have one life, and only 24 hours in a day.

Well a friend just pointed me to this article in the Washington Post from a week-or-so back. I don’t live in the US and don’t subscribe to the Washington Post so I would never have seen it if she hadn’t sent it to me. It is tucked behind a paywall but you can read it if you register an email address or use one of those sneaky paywall crowbars.

I had no idea of this backstory. If you haven’t seen the video or read about Ken’s system/room please watch it first before reading the WP article.


Yes. I watched the original video a few years back. He did some amazing things and we shared some base components. His turntable was the real gold in my eyes. Need to reinforce the slab for that one. The system got parted out a few months back. I stumbled on that info on another forum a while back. Heres an article i just found that is only half protected. B


IMHO the story is quite sad and a lesson to all against obsession: Man alienates his family in pursuit of the “perfect” system, commits his life and $1,000,000 to audio equipment in a ~$400,000 home, dies, system sold for $50k.

After reading the story in The Washington Post, I resolved never to become like him.