Old topics bumped

I don’t know why this has happened but several topics from the archives have suddenly appeared as new postings . Only the initial post though.

I noticed that @Andrew has made several edits to the topic tags, removing the current tags, which apparently bumped those topics:

tags changed: rossini

E.g. here a Rossini tag is deleted

Two of my Bartók topics for instance had their Bartók tags removed:


Sorry guys, this was unavoidable and un-bumping the topics would have been an even more painful process than the initial edits.

In case you’re wondering, we use tags to organize information in the FAQ, but when the site was launched there was no good way to restrict who could tag a post or create new tags. Inevitably forum members applied tags to their posts and added new ones. I would periodically edit posts to remove them, but that fell by the wayside as I was drawn into other projects.

Over time the FAQ index pages got more and more cluttered, but there wasn’t a long-term solution. Finally we were given the option to restrict tag functionality to specific users and this is what we needed to make them useful again. Unfortunately, that meant having to manually remove tags from posts which weren’t part of the FAQ. The edits bumped the posts to the top of the stack and the process to override that is cumbersome.

So there’s the answer to why you’re seeing this behavior and the reason why it was necessary to inflict this momentary pain. I am sorry for any confusion, but these posts will fall back off the top of the list pretty soon.