Ok to leave Bartok in Standby 24/7?

Is it ok to leave the Bartok in StandBy 24/7 until ready to use?


Your question has been answered already in this topic:

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Thank you!

There is no easy answer. The life of electronics comes mostly from the life of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. It is mosty dependant on ripple and temperature and the quality of capacitor.
First, it should be japanese brands like rubicon etc.
Temperatures inside are around 42 deg C, so the life should be for best caps around 15 years. This is long but not very long. My tube amplifiers have 12 years now but I do a maintenance by myself (as I have built them)and check impedance of caps and ESR every few years. In DCS you have at least 100 capacitors so no way to replace them. I would switch dCS off completely if not listening for more than 10 hours. I have also a fisher tube amp from 60ties and some electrolytics are like new,but you don’t keep it on 24/7

So, if you stay at home all the time during covid19 and want to play music in the morning and during the whole day, better not to switch it off, but if you play only at the evening, i would switch it off for that 20h