NUC power supply

I am using ROON with a Intel NUC i7, gen 8. I am using the power supply included with the NUC, a switcher with 19 volts 6.32 amp output. Has anyone used a 3rd party Linear Power Supply (LPS) with a NUC? Does it provide better sound? I am streaming to the Vivaldi Upsampler network port, ripped CDs on the NUC’s SSD and Tidal.

Adding good third party power supplies to both my audio switch and the internet router made a very noticeable positive difference. I’d hazard a guess by analogy that the result with a NUC would be quite positive too. For better informed guidance - the Audiophile Style forum has threads on the NUC / LPS issue.

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Mine is powered by a used Acopian (from eBay).