Now for the running in

Not sounding too rough at the moment, but improving all the time. Listening to the experts (thanks, Pete and Bill) who set it up, I need to leave it 4 days/2 weeks/6 months (depending on when we had the conversation) for it to bed in and sound great. It won’ be too much hardship passing the time, however :smiley:


Weird looking door on the player?
Anyway why not use the burn in mode to speed burn in

door still has transport protection on as I order the streamer only and got the player, so it has to be swapped soon :slight_smile:

Right, that explains it, waste off time burning in the rossini then, but try the cd player as its really good.

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am sure it is, but I’ve decided I like the convenience of streaming too much (e.g. no racks of CDs to re-organise every so often) so will either use tidal or a NAS…

Yes dont blame you, i have ripped all mine to my melco, but i do keep a few off my favourite CD’s out the roof, as the player does have its own sound.