Non Apex products - firmware updates

Now that the Bartok and Rossini have been updated to Apex, will dCS still plan on providing updates to non Apex systems?

Asking as I have a non Apex Bartok

Device firmware has nothing to do with the APEX upgrade.

Think of it as a computer connected to a dumb DAC - software upgrades on the computer don’t affect the DAC at all.

The APEX upgrade is an update of the Ring DAC - what converts digital data to analog - it doesn’t modify the portion of the DAC product that firmware updates apply to.


As Bill says, APEX has no impact on future firmware updates for non-APEX systems. You will continue to receive updates for your Bartók, and the same is true for Rossini and Vivaldi.

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Useful to know - thank you both. New to dCS - upgraded from a Naim NDX2 + 555PS DR. Really enjoying the upgrade in sound and learning my way around the Bartok