No history view in queue for Mosaic app

I am just starting to use the Vivaldi system with the Mosaic app.
One feature I am missing is that the queue keeps the tracks that have been played recently.
This way, you could a) replay a track recently played and b) after an evening of playing, save that queue in a playlist.

Does anyone know a workaround on how to see what mosaic has played recently?

This possibility would be a very good addition to Mosaic. However, I think it is much worse. Some playback devices can start playing music from where we last left off. Unfortunately, DCS Mosaic cannot do that either. It would be nice to listen to the same album in the morning from the place where we finished listening to the previous evening.
Regards Robert

It is already there. Look at the bottom of the screen . You will see an option called “Play Queue” if you open this you can see what you have recently played and what you may have selected to play next. It works for UPnP and Qobuz. For example I just opened mine and can see (and select track by track) the album of 26 tracks that I played from Qobuz two days ago. You just tap the two bars to the right to select from which point you want it to play. If you tap the three dots next to the bars you can add items to a playlist.

No workaround is required.

This Play Queue remains until you delete it. I do not , however, know the maximum number of items that it will support.

BTW, welcome to the Community. I hope that you will enjoy being here.

Thank you.
Interesting. I do not know, why I did not see the history queue yesterday.
It seems to work (also for Tidal).
Thank you a lot.
This forum payed off already :smiley:

As you are new to using Mosaic I would also point out that the Play Queue option has other uses. The obvious one is finding out what track is playing at the moment from an album. If an entire album is selected for play and the Play Queue is opened you will see a blue bar in the left margin that moves against each track as it plays.

Another use is if, say, you have an album of 12 tracks but only want to play it from track 3 onwards. If you are on the home play page you will find that the blue " Play" rectangle at the top is divided into two sections. To the left is Play All but there is a chevron to the right. If you touch this a three item menu appears. Select " Queue". Now open the Play Queue and you will see all of the 12 tracks displayed. Go to track 3 and using the two bar option select “Play from Here”.

I said that the queue is there until deleted. However starting a new session may delete the queue so if you want to keep things indefinitely I would use the buttons to add to a playlist.

Bear in mind though that dCS never intended Mosaic to be an all singing, all dancing application. It is something that is intended to cover basic needs only. I am sure that if pressed they would suggest a subscription to Roon if more sophistication is wanted.

Thank you.

I actually have a Roon subscription. The features are fantastic.
However, the sound quality is not as good as Mosaic.
I had the same issue for other streaming devices.
The “native” app sounds better than Roon.

Not sure if you have experienced with the different sound qualities and if there are setting in Roon that would make it sound as good as Mosaic.

Unfortunately I am not a Roon subscriber myself so have no view on this aspect. However if you care to look through the archives here there are varying opinions on the topic. On the one hand are a number of respondents who, like you , say that that they find Mosaic audibly superior. On the other hand is an objectivist view that says that both Mosaic and Roon present a bit perfect stream to the DAC and that therefore there can be no sonic difference.